Topless Tunisian Activist Under Arrest and Awaiting Charges

Femen Activists
Femen activists - Tunisia's Embassy in Paris - April 4, 2013. (Miguel Medina/AFP/Getty Images)

Amina Tyler, one of Tunisia's most outspoken activists who started a trend of “topless jihad” has been in the news lately because of her topless protests along with the radical feminist group Femen. Femen has a reputation for staging nude protests, moves which draws mixed reactions from the largely Islamic population. The string of nude protests which are largely believed to have stemmed from the topless protests staged by Tyler could possibly lead to charges being filed against her. 

Amina Tyler
Amina Tyler

Tyler who was arrested by Tunisian authorities while reportedly trying to hang a banner near the main mosque before she was told to leave by an angry crowd who had gathered around her. A man from the crowd said that Tyler's acts of protest where dishonoring them and they wanted to no part of her. She had reportedly scrawled "FEMEN" on a wall near the main mosque before authorities arrived to take her away. Video reports show the activist, now sporting short blond hair and clutching a banner, being led by police to a waiting van as angry residents chased her.

Femen Activists - Berlin
Femen activists – Berlin - April 4, 2013. (Johannes Eisele/AFP/Getty Images)

Mohammed Ali Aroui, spokesman for the Interior Ministry, said he understood the reactions of the locals and described Tyler's protests as provocative. He revealed that Tyler is under investigation and may be charged for pulling her latest stunt. Tyler had previously sparked outrage when photos of her topless with "My body is my own" scrawled on it circulated on the internet. Tyler received death threats after these photos came out and went into hiding, first staying with relatives and then with friends. She allegedly made plans to get out of the country especially after a video of a woman recounting that she was given virginity tests by relatives also appeared online, and was presumed to have stayed in hiding until this latest incident.

Free Amina rallies have been held by FEMEN in response to fears that Tyler would face criminal prosecution.

Femen Activist - Paris Mosque
Femen activist - Great Mosque of Paris - April 3, 2013 (Fred Dufour/AFP/Getty Images)

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