Two People Sentenced To Jail In U.K. For Attacking Mosque With Bacon


Two people from Galashiel were sentenced to jail for attacking a mosque in Edinburgh with strips and pieces of bacon in January 2013. Chelsea Lambie and Douglas Cruikshank were accused of tossing strips of bacon through the window of Edinburgh’s Central Mosque and wrapping pieces of the meat around the door handles of the building.

While 39-year-old Cruikshank pleaded guilty, 18-year-old Lambie denied all accusations despite having a message on her phone that read, “Went to the mosque in Edinburgh and wrapped bacon round the door handles, opened the door and threw it in ha ha ha.” Additional investigations revealed that Lambie had searched for the location of the mosque and contact details for taxis.

The pair was accused of behaving in an abusive and threatening manner. Even though Cruikshank was sentenced for nine months, Lambie was sentenced for a whole year. While sentencing Lambie, Sheriff Noble clarified he was aware that she was the mother of a young child but he could not help the situation as she kept denying her involvement in the case.

“The Muslim community is a valued and integral part of Scottish society and there is no place for such attacks in modern Scotland… As we strive to become a fairer and more tolerant society to live in we will not let it be blighted by a narrow minded and hateful minority,” said public prosecutor John Logue.

A third man Wayne Stilwel who was also involved in the attacks, confessed to his actions in August 2013 itself and was immediately sentenced for 10 months.

“I was surprised if a person did it for a joke. It is against our culture and religion… We do not eat pork or even touch it. I felt very bad seeing this meat in my sacred place. It hurt my feelings when I saw this meat hanging inside the mosque in the worshipping area. It was very disturbing,” said mosque security Usman Mahmood.

Photo Credit: Kevin Payravi

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