US Senator: Atheistic Evolution Has Replaced Christianity in Schools

Mike Fair

A senator from South Carolina, who has earlier criticized the American education systems’ increasing interest in evolution, recently warned that atheistic Darwinism would eventually replace Christian teaching in all public schools. In late September, Mike Fair wrote that courts had put an unconstitutional stranglehold on the discovery of scientific truth by compelling teachers to teach students only about evolutionism.

“The ‘truth’ must conform to Darwinism, or it is not allowed. … I don't suppose it matters what your eyes see or your mind tells you. … Making inferences to the best factual information is not allowed if it points to a religion other than atheism. … Consideration that the fine tuning of our galaxy is a miracle (or made that way) is a discussion that is not allowed,” he wrote.

This is not the first time that Fair has made such comments with regards to the creation versus evolution debate. In February of this year, he opposed terminologies favoring evolution in proposed science curriculums for public schools. Then again in May, he showed support for a policy that would allow students in public schools to study theoretical arguments for as well as against evolution.

“The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution proclaims: ‘Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.’… It means what it says. … The majority of our Founding Fathers promoted the Christian faith as individuals but agreed the government would not establish a state faith funded by taxpayers. … However, over time, the courts have come to determine what the words in the Constitution mean. Every set of Supreme Court Justices gives us a new set of ‘founders.’… I believe the principles established by the Founders are being removed from the public square by a series of narrow decisions of the U. S. Supreme Court. … I am bothered that theSupreme Court has changed the Constitution by a series of 5-4 votes clearly outside the methods duly established to properly change our Constitution,” he said.

Fair has cited many Supreme Court rulings over the last few months, which he believes have contributed to the fading of Christianity from public schools. Among others, he has repeatedly brought up the banning of prayer in public places, the omission of facts that point towards intelligent design and the promoting of Darwinism.

“It is hard for me to believe that intelligence has been ruled unconstitutional in the public schools. … We have a well-defined process to amend our Constitution that guarantees extensive debate but many of the principles held dear by Americans are being cast aside by judicial activism,” he stated.

While concluding his opinion, Fair asserted that the evolution versus creation debate is so important only because faith in God is the basis for morality, as people know the concept. He also said that science and the Bible’s “truths” do not contradict one another.

“Why should a young person care about character if he is just a random conglomeration of particles? ... Christianity and science do not conflict. Christianity and make-believe do conflict,” he said.

Photo Credits: FitsNews

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