Utah Chiropractor Charged With Sex Abuse


Photo Credits: Verywell Health

Brent Noorda, a chiropractor in St. George, Utah was arrested ten days ago and he is charged with 20 counts of forcible sexual abuse. As Fox 13 reports, police arrested Dr. Brent Noorda of Balanced Healthcare after speaking with four patients who said the man touched them inappropriately during chiropractic appointments.

The chiropractor was using his professional position to touch his patients inappropriately and he also commented their bodies. Several patients reported the man gave them breast massages while claiming they would help with back pain or other problems they reported. One patient said Noorda advised her against a breast reduction for back pain, made inappropriate comments on her body, and groped her under the guise of providing treatment.

Some women didn’t realize at first place that he was sexually assaulting them because they thought it was the part of the treatment. One of his co-workers also complained that he would often put his hand down her skirt while they reviewed paperwork.

She said she did not know if Brent was doing right or wrong. It made her feel uncomfortable, but he was a doctor and she was supposed to be able to trust him.

A new sex education bill that clarifies what instructors can teach about contraception passed in the Utah of House of Representatives on February 28th this year. That bill says teachers are required to emphasize and encourage abstinence and fidelity as the best ways to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. Teachers can mention contraception, but they can't advocate for it. This is the reason why adults who could only learn to say no to sex as kids cannot recognize inappropriate sexual behavior. Conservative environment makes it harder to deal with the real life.

The Utah Department of Commerce and Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing stated they “entered a Non-Disciplinary Limitation Stipulation and Order against Brent David Noorda which limits his licensed practice until the criminal case is resolved.”

Of course, there may be more victims and anyone who believes they have information related to the investigation is asked to call the St. George Police Department’s Detective tip line at 435-627-4338.


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