Wolf Blitzer Asks Atheist Tornado Survivor if She Thanked the Lord

Wolf Blitzer & Tornado Survivor

Oklahoma tornado survivor Rebecca laughingly admitted to CNN host Wolf Blitzer "I'm actually an atheist" when asked if she thanked the Lord for the decision she made that allowed her and her 19 month old son, Anders to narrowly escape the devastating effects that left the home she shared with Anders and her husband totally destroyed.

Upon returning to the site where her home had once stood, Rebecca was tearfully reunited with her husband, who had been frantically searching the rubble for any sign of either her or their 19 month old son, Anders.

Efforts were made by friends of Rebecca to locate and purchase a replacement for a stuffed lion that was lost to the tornado, after it was revealed that Anders had a strong attachment to it and was fretting over its loss. When reddit’s online atheist community found out about this, they located where the stuffed lions are sold and donated $170.50 to date.

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