Soheil Arabi's Biography

soheil arabi with daughter

Soheil Arabi is an Iranian blogger (born in 1985). He was arrested in 2013 for criticizing Islam and Islamic Republic governing methods and was sentenced to death penalty.


In 2013 Soheil and his wife were arrested by Iranian terrorist Islamic revolutionary guard corps (IRGC), after a few hours his wife was released and within several months she was forced by Iran’s regime to divorce Soheil. But Soheil was tortured and kept in solitary confinement for two months and then transferred to Evin prison.
State-owned mass media in Iran accused Soheil to violation but Sahamnews website published it's court ruling for the first time which shows that Soheil is sentenced to death for insulting prophet Muhammad and Iran's supreme leader and two other officials, Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel and Ahmad Jannati. This is how Iran’s regime covers Human Rights Violations. Prisoners of conscience in Iran are labeled as rapists, murderers, robbers, smugglers. They are imprisoned, tortured and executed by Iran’s regime.
Mohammad Javad Zarif foreign affairs minister of Iran in many times through different interviews with foreign media outlets has said that we (Iran’s Regime) do not jail people for their opinions and we don’t have any political prisoners. Iran’s regime keeps political prisoners and dangerous prisoners in the same ward to incite harm against them and shows to the world that they don’t have any political prisoners.
This is how they cover their gross violation of human rights; political prisoners go on hunger strike frequently to protest to not-separating political prisoners from ordinary criminals.
Soheil Arabi has repeatedly gone on hunger strike due to poor prison conditions, the unlawful hold of political prisoners in a ward with inmates convicted of violent crimes like Murder and Rape, but every time being harmed by dangerous prisoners and the guards themselves, and even officials deny him from medical care.
Soheil Arabi is sentenced to 90 months imprisonment and two years of “religious researches” in the Court of Appeal for proving remorse and rescuing himself from the death penalty. While serving a seven-and-a-half-year prison sentence, he must read 13 volumes of theological religious books in order to abolish the death penalty and prove his remorse. Then he has to write 2 to 5 pages of summary for each book.
Government forces him to write an article in the field of Islam and religion. He has to write a report to the court every three months to prove his remorse and change of behaviors just to stay away from the death penalty!

The first case against Soheil: Insulting the sanctities of Islam
Publishing photos and images and contrary materials to public opinion, propaganda against the regime, insulting the Supreme Leader Khamenei, insulting government officials.
Initially, he was sentenced to death -because of Blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad - but his sentence was revised to 7 years and 6 months of prison and thirty lashes in Appeal Court, on the condition of his education and researches in Islam.

The second case in 2016 resulted in a conviction:
The propaganda campaign against the regime, stirring public opinion that led to three-years prison time, exile to Borazjan (a remote city) and some cash penalty.
Soheil went on hunger strike on June 15; According to her mother, Soheil has lost about 12 kilograms in weight and so far, no official has responded to Soheil's request. He went on a hunger strike to protest to keeping political prisoners and ordinary criminals in the same place. He demanded the separation of the prisoners and demanded the separation of the two mentioned groups. Soheil is currently serving a prison sentence in the same ward as robbers. He has been repeatedly harassed by dangerous inmates. There is no cooling system in the ward. There is no drinking water, and inmates buy water at a higher price than normal from the prison store. Hot air and lack of sufficient water has caused allergies and skin diseases (skin fungi).

In addition to the lack of AC, the wards don't have any water coolers. Soheil is being held in the Fashafuyeh prison, built in the deserts around Qom City. Because of the desolation and the refusal of the jailers to spray the jail, inmates face the problem of vermins and insects. There have been a number of lice and bedbugs in the prison, which have led to serious problems for prisoners and deprived them of minimal comfort. Soheil has also banned all prison store goods for being too expensive. The Prison Shop sells goods in higher prices than their actual price.
Farangis Mazloum, mother of Soheil Arabi, was arrested on Monday, July 22, by a female security officer and seven male security guards who broke in their home and have taken her to an unknown location. The cause of the arrest is unknown. On Wednesday, August 6, Reporters Without Borders issued a statement condemning the arrest of Farangis Mazl.