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All T-shirts and various other items in the store can be entirely customized. You are able to change the styles, colors or add your own images and/or text. Items that do not fit or is not what you expected can be returned or the product cost refunded to you. The returning process is quite simple and is managed by Spreadshirt; for more information see Spreadshirt's Shipping Time and Costs and their Fair Return Policy.

The non-religious and secular population in the world is growing rapidly today. Yet, these people are afraid of coming out in the open because atheists have been misunderstood and ostracized for generations. As a responsible non-believer however, you can help educate others about atheism so that the prevailing ignorance does not lead to further bigotry among staunch believers and atheists do not continue to be persecuted. Today, there are so many ways to reach people that it is not as challenging for non-believers to explain their faith like before.

For instance, something as simple as an atheist t-shirt allows atheists to express themselves and in turn explain to others what atheism is all about. Wearing a t-shirt that is representative of your belief, whether through witty jokes or profound sayings, can be a liberating experience as it subtly allows you to share a part of yourself with those around you. A well designed atheist t-shirt can open up channels of communication that you did not think existed. Who knows, you may even get to engage someone who is deeply religious.

Apart from serving as a medium for education and activism, atheist t-shirts also have the potential to serve as a unique fashion statement, because motifs related to atheism are quite uncommon, even among today’s fashion-frenzied population.

Do not be ashamed to stand out as an atheist and get yourself a t-shirt from our extensive collection today. Proudly express yourself and be amazed at how the world welcomes your beliefs. With your t-shirt, you can encourage a better understanding of atheism, dispel myths related to atheists and display support for your fight against inequality.