Religion Cheat Sheet

Religion Cheat Sheet

Try and follow a road map to religion and you're bound to get lost. There are so many faiths to choose from that it is hard to settle on a definitive answer for a belief system in life. In the end, it is a personal choice that is often influenced by location and upbringing. Some people will have no faith whatsoever, others will follow in the footsteps of their ancestors, and there will be those individuals who explore different philosophies as they aim to broaden their horizons. One thing is for certain. When it comes to religion, the choices are ripe for the taking. There are many paths that one can follow when choosing a belief system and no one can say that any single approach is better than another. It's all about the individual and what provides personal fulfillment.

Ancient Teachings

Many find comfort in the ancient belief systems that were established in the East. Hinduism is the oldest, living religion in existence today. Based on a way of life and a philosophy that is extremely flexible as compared to many other faiths. Look to Buddhism for a religion that focuses on self-realization through sacrifice of belongings and compassion. Judaism provides the spring board for Christianity, sharing the same foundations before Christians diverge on the belief that Jesus is the Messiah. From that point, there are many Christian churches that have their own set of ceremonies and guidelines. Many faiths belief in one, higher power, while others accept the existence of a host of gods. The Wiccan religion is considered a modern take on pagan faiths such as Druidry and revolves around a Goddess.

Unique Paths to Follow

For anyone who is truly in the mood to become explorers, Raelism holds with the believe that we were placed on Earth by aliens as a type of cosmic experiment. People can also journey to the astral plane, leaving their bodies, through Eckankar. For those who want to be warriors against injustice in the world, Sikhism could be the answer. There's no doubt that there are many different directions one can follow when it comes to religion.

Source: Christian Universities Online

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