Atheism and Religion Charts and Infographics

There is so much to learn about atheism that sometimes it just does not seem feasible to read it all. Those willing to learn about atheism often wish there were easier ways to absorb more information in less time. That is precisely what Atheist Republic tries to achieve on this particular page.

Here, the Atheist Republic team puts out important information related to atheism and religion with the help of charts and graphics so that the information is more engaging and less mundane. Our infographics instantaneously connect with viewers and makes it easy for them to understand different aspects of both atheism and religion. They are educational, entertaining and rather useful too. You can easily share them with others and help them learn more about atheism in the process.

If you are aware of any interesting atheism or religion related charts or infographics you think we should add to this list, let us know here.

America's View on Evolution and Creationism
While the talking heads in America continue to present dichotomized views about the origins of life on earth, the opinions of American populace seem to land somewhere in between. The number of Americans who believe God created humans has remained consistent throughout the past several decades but more people believe God had no role in human life.
Creationism VS Darwinism
An extensive series of graphics demonstrating the ongoing problems related to teaching evolution in America.
World of Religion

The National Post presents a detailed breakdown of the religious beliefs spanning the globe including a further breakdown of those religions demonstrating the diverse faith systems held by so many.

Scientology Facts

Scientology continues to intrigue people. It is shrouded in mystery but with a seemingly endless budget, is able to let a vague presence known through extravagant TV ad spots and celebrities making movies hinting at Scientology beliefs.

Stoning in Iran

We look at the brutal practice of stoning in Iran. This method of execution is still practiced in certain countries, where it is used to punish adulterers and other criminals. The graphic below looks at how a stoning occurs in accordance with the exact language of the Iranian Penal Code.

Timeline of Christianity

A simplified timeline of Christianity from a Christian perspective starting with the birth of Jesus, showing pivotal events in the religion's history. This graphic also includes statistics and demographics showing the growth of Christianity as a religion and the retail industry that came out of it in the modern age.

World Peace is Almost Here!

If you look at nearly any newspaper, then you’ll see something about a conflict. It might be a small story, but it seems like battles occur everyday. While world peace is a high ideal that people would love to be a reality, it just doesn’t seem obtainable. The truth is that international battles have almost stopped, civil wars are decreasing and the total number of worldwide deaths caused by conflicts has significantly dropped.

Divine Revenue

In 1678, John Bunyan wrote "Pilgrim's Progress", a book now classified as Inspirational Fiction. Some of the top-selling authors in the inspirational genre (fiction and non-fiction) sell books in the tens of millions. Even with the decline of print, religious and inspirational publishing continues to be a huge money-making industry.

Religion Cheat Sheet

With so many faiths to choose from, where does one turn for guidance? This guide, created by, provides summaries of most religions and belief systems available to seekers today.

Mega Church, Mega Business

In many ways, starting a church is basically like starting a business. And if a church founder can get over 2,000 people attending each week (classified as "megachurches"), business these days is very, very good. How good? Let's take a look.