The cost of faith-healing

Faith Healing

In so-called faith-healing homes, children with otherwise treatable maladies have needlessly vomited fecal matter, bled from giant eye tumors, and gasped for water as a result of untreated diabetes. And, yes children have died and continue to die in agonizing torture.

- Sean Faircloth, Attack of the Theocrats

Quote Source: Attack of the Theocrats!

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Its absolutely disgusting not

Its absolutely disgusting not only what happens when people prevent science from intervening in ways that can benefit humanity not only because of the disgusting things people go through as a result of such decisions but also because people with religious views have gone to th e point of holding back science in ways that effect us all often misled due to an unwillingness to learn enough to go on nothing more than rumor when making decisions.

Stem cell research and cloning technologies where it's believed the the only possible source is stem cells from babies are two examples. Some theist think we must kill babies to get stem cells to grow organs to save others and this is simply not true. Others think it is playing God to work with DNA and this is simply not true as well but despite these facts religion has pressed on to make it very difficult through politics in this nation where there is supposed to be separations of the Church and State to make it very difficult for stem cell research and cloning to progress. As a result many people die each day that could have been saved in this way they are killing people with their religions who for the most part call it a sin to kill. The cost of faith healing is not only costing the lives of believers and their children but also costing the lives of everyone else.

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