Danielle Muscato: Stand up to Absurdity

Stand Up To Absurdity

We must become more reasonable if we want to survive. Our planet is in trouble. There is no divine guarantee that the Earth will always be able to support us nor that we will always be here. There is no life after this. What matters is how we are remembered, and the contributions to society we make while we’re alive. I assert that there is nothing more important or more urgent than this: Atheists, I call upon you to stand up to absurdity. If you see something, say something. Start the conversation.

- Dave Muscato

Quote Source: American Atheists

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If we could put aside our

If we could put aside our greed and work with science to make this world better, as whole humanity could insure we could be here for centuries longer possibly millenia, maybe even much longer than that. It is not conducive to throw in the proverbial towel on our planet.

In order for us to leave we would have to adapt to differing environments which is why for example going to mars is a one way trip. Its believed we may be able to adapt to life on mars but not be able to adapt backward due to environmental factors and we don't even know for sure we can adapt to live there. One good question is, do we even deserve to travel on to other places if we can't take care of the earth?

Through science we have learned enough to take care of this planet and and insure this is a good place to live for many future generations even with people living much longer lives, but we can't do it with only a small part of the population pitching in. We will have to learn to work together as a whole and to embrace science for good. We must dissolve divisions based on belief we must pursue better understanding and technologies through science to correct all the damage we as humanity have already done, we can adapt to life here better than we can adapt to life anywhere else and in the face of absurd thinking along lines that would conflict with us doing this, this we can't afford to stay silent.

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