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  • Shocking Protest: Pig Heads Sent to Mosque Site in South Korea

Location: South Korea 

In a shocking act of protest, severed pig heads were displayed at a mosque construction site in Daegu, South Korea. The mosque, intended to serve the growing Muslim international student population at Kyungpook National University (KNU), has become a source of friction between local residents and the university's Muslim community. While the need for a larger worship center was acknowledged due to a burgeoning student populace, resistance from locals resulted in a suspension order for the construction. Despite the Supreme Court overturning this decision, the controversy escalated. "Islamophobic pamphlets were distributed throughout the area, and rallies targeting our religion, Islam, were held," Muaz Razaq, a Pakistani Ph.D. student who also serves as the KNU Muslim community’s media representative, said in a media conference last April. This situation underscores the challenges South Korea faces as it grapples with evolving multicultural realities amidst a demographic crisis, and its pursuit of an immigration solution.

  • Widow Sacrifice Ritual: Indian Woman's Suicide Sparks Debate Over Tradition

Location: India

The tragic suicide of Sanghita Lakhra, a 28-year-old female engineer from Gujarat, India, has sparked a national debate about the outlawed and controversial Hindu tradition of Sati. Sanghita reportedly drowned herself in the Sabarmati River after facing alleged domestic violence and pressure from her in-laws to perform Sati, a ritual that involves a widow immolating herself on her husband's funeral pyre. Her purported suicide note tells a tale of relentless harassment, pushing her to prove her "good character" via this dangerous and banned ritual. Despite the ban imposed on Sati by British Governor General Lord William Bentinck in 1829 and further reinforced by the Indian government's Commission of Sati (Prevention) Act of 1987, cases have been sporadically reported well into the 21st century. This heart-rending incident underscores the urgency for more effective enforcement of laws and societal change to protect women's rights in India.

  • Iran Executes 3 Protesters for "Enmity Against God"

Location: Iran

In Iran, three protesters accused of killing members of Iran's security forces during the recent anti-government uprisings were executed on May 19th, leading to widespread protests and international condemnation. Majid Kazemi, Saleh Mirhashemi, and Saeed Yaqoubi were executed after being charged with "enmity against God" for their alleged involvement in the deaths of two Basiji paramilitary members and a law enforcement officer. However, the Iranian government failed to provide conclusive evidence linking them to the incident. Concerned about their safety, family members gathered outside the Dastgerd prison in Isfahan, while crowds gathered in support outside the facility. The executions were criticized by human rights organizations, and demonstrations took place in Berlin, London, and Stockholm. Amnesty International claimed that confessions shown by Iranian state media were extracted under torture. The executions brought attention to Iran's increasing use of the death penalty, with over 220 executions reported in 2023 alone and more than 582 death sentences handed down in 2022. The European Union strongly condemned the executions and called on Iran to halt the practice of imposing death sentences on protesters.

  • Investigation Reveals 450+ Clergy Abusers in the Illinois Catholic Church

Location: United States

An investigation led by the Illinois Attorney General’s office has revealed a shocking prevalence of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church, accusing 451 clergymen of sexually abusing nearly 2,000 children over a span of 69 years. These numbers significantly exceed the initial 103 victims reported by the Catholic Church when the investigation was initiated in 2018. The report also suggests that Illinois church leaders were slow to respond to the abuse, often avoiding confrontations with accused clergy and failing to warn parishioners about potential abusers. Attorney General Kwame Raoul credits those who brought accusations against the church, stating, "It is my hope that this report will shine light both on those who violated their positions of power and trust to abuse innocent children and on the men in church leadership who covered up that abuse." As a result of the report, the Catholic dioceses in Illinois have pledged to review their policies and make necessary changes. This groundbreaking investigation echoes similar findings across various states and opens the conversation about the scale of abuse within the Catholic Church.

  • Why a Muslim Set A Mosque on Fire to Protest Homelessness

Location: United States

In a startling twist of events, Said Murekezi, a 42-year-old homeless man, ignited the flames of a mosque in St. Paul, Minnesota, not out of religious hatred but as a fiery protest against homelessness. After boldly breaking into the Oromo American Tawhid Islamic Center, the mosque erupted into smoke, the act captured chillingly on surveillance footage. This disquieting arson marks the sixth attack against a mosque in Minnesota this year alone. Contrary to initial beliefs that the arson was an anti-Muslim act, it was revealed that Murekezi himself was a Muslim. He expressed dissatisfaction with the government and the Islamic center for not adequately assisting homeless individuals. His criminal track record paints a turbulent past, featuring previous charges for arson, burglary, and property damage. Murekezi, who was on probation during this unsettling incident, now stands charged with arson, burglary, and drug possession.

  • Holy Hijinks: How One Lawmaker's Bible Prank Turned into an Ethics Inquiry!

Location: United States

In a case that marries the holy with hijinks, Stephanie Stahl Hamilton, a Democratic Representative and Presbyterian Minister from Arizona, has been thrust into the limelight after an unusual Bible-hiding prank ignited an ethics inquiry against her. Hamilton was caught on hidden cameras taking Bibles belonging to her fellow representatives and hiding them in unusual places, sparking an ethics complaint filed by three Republican representatives. They accused Hamilton of theft, disorderly conduct, and creating a hostile work environment. Hamilton's prank was intended to highlight the issue of the separation of church and state, but it appears the line between jest and disrespect was crossed in the eyes of her colleagues. Hamilton's apology stated that she never intended to desecrate the Bible or offend anyone and called for a genuine conversation about the separation of church and state. Despite issuing an apology and recognizing the offense her prank may have caused, the incident has sparked a contentious debate about religious discrimination and political retribution.

  • Satanic Panic Nightmare Ends: Wrongful Conviction Dismissed After 30 Years!

Location: United States 

In a triumphant end to a three-decade-long nightmare rooted in the infamous Satanic Panic, Melvin Quinney, a San Antonio man wrongfully accused and imprisoned for leading a Satanic cult and committing sexual abuse, has finally been exonerated. Quinney's ordeal began amidst a contentious divorce in 1990 when his wife accused him of heinous crimes tied to Satanic rituals. His children, then influenced by their mother, therapists, and law enforcement, developed false memories of abuse and occult practices. Quinney was sentenced to 20 years in prison and served eight before his release. His conviction carried heavy burdens, including a mandatory sex offender registry and estrangement from his children. With the unwavering support of the Innocence Project of Texas and his youngest son, Matthew, Quinney managed to reopen his case, leading to his full exoneration after his oldest son, John, recanted his previous testimonies. Quinney can now finally look forward to a future free from the terrors of the past, with the hope of reconnecting with his family.

  • Upper Caste Hindus Threaten Immolation to Keep "Untouchables" Out of Temple

Location: India

In an escalating conflict centered around the controversial topic of caste-based restrictions in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, tensions ran high as upper-caste Hindus in the village of Melpathi protested fiercely, even threatening self-immolation, to prevent Dalits (the group formerly known as "Untouchables") from entering the local Sri Dharmaraja Draupathi Amman temple. This incident, which reignited socio-religious tensions and even necessitated the deployment of law enforcement, has been brewing since April. Despite the Dalits registering a protest case about their prohibition from entering the temple, no further action was taken by authorities. This lack of response prompted the villagers to petition for their right to enter the temple. Tamil Nadu's Minister for Higher Education, K Ponmudy, publicly called for unity and religious equality, stressing the temple's inclusive administration by the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments department. However, the upper-caste Hindus remained defiant, staging fasting protests and threatening self-immolation. While local authorities managed to disperse the crowds and restore some order, the incident underlines the enduring challenges of caste discrimination.

  • Persecuted Nigerian Atheist Prisoner "Adopted" by US Congressman!

Location: Nigeria

In a significant development, US Congressman Jamie Raskin has taken up the case of Nigerian atheist Mubarak Bala, Bala, who has been sentenced to 24 years for allegedly insulting Prophet Muhammad. Congressman Raskin, through the Lantos Commission's Defending Freedoms Project, aims to bring attention to Bala's unjust imprisonment and advocate for his release. Bala's case highlights the dangers of theocracy and the suppression of freedom of expression and thought. Congressman Raskin emphasized the urgent need to defend these fundamental human rights globally and called on Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari to issue a pardon for Bala. The Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, alongside other organizations such as Freedom Now and the European Parliament, has also rallied behind Bala's cause, demanding accountability and urging the repeal of blasphemy laws. Mubarak Bala, the former President of the Humanist Association of Nigeria, continues to appeal his conviction while human rights organizations work tirelessly to secure his freedom. Bala’s sponsorship by prominent politicians and institutions worldwide underscores the urgent need for the protection of free expression and freedom of belief for atheists. 

In a powerful episode of our Atheist Republic News Show, our team shared a moving video sent by a member of our global godless community currently living inside Iran. This touching tribute was dedicated to Mohsen Shekari, a civilian protestor who was brutally executed in the midst of the recent anti-government rallies in Iran. Our member honored Mohsen's sacrifice by placing flowers at his gravesite "on behalf of all those in Atheist Republic" - an act that deeply moved our global community and leadership. This act symbolizes the tenacity and unity of our community, reinforcing our collective dedication to advocate for personal freedom and to stand firm against oppression. The courage and selflessness demonstrated by our members, even in the face of extreme adversity, serve as stark reminders of our continual pursuit of freedoms that some of us might take for granted. Make sure to catch the full video from Iran, and join us in celebrating the strength of our community's global solidarity and the indomitable spirit of our members.

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