Clerics in India and Pakistan Lead Prayers for Charlie Hebdo Killers

Charlie Hebdo Killers

A recently released video shows a Muslim cleric in India leading a funeral prayer for the two Algerian brothers that were responsible for the Charlie Hebdo killings that took place in Paris earlier this month. In the video, Maulana Mohammed Naseeruddin from the Indian city of Hyderabad is seen praising the mass murder of several satirists and cartoonists of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo that had a long history of publishing provocative images related to Islam, Allah and Prophet Mohammad. In the video, Naseeruddin is seen describing the two gunmen, Said Kouachi and Cherif Kouachi, as martyrs, while seeking blessings for their afterlife.

“Our lives are of no meaning if someone, who has insulted the prophet, is still alive,” he is heard telling a gathering of locals.

Naseeruddin then goes on to condemn the Unity Rally that took place in Paris and several other cities across the world on January 11. Later, speaking to reporter Abuaimal Akram, who eventually uploaded the video on Youtube, Naseeruddin is heard justifying the January 7 act of terror that took place at the Charlie Hebdo headquarters, calling the killings deeds sanctioned by Islamic traditions. In fact, he is heard citing the Prophet while explaining how he deemed it fit for those people who mock or insult Allah or Islam to be executed. Naseeruddin also took the liberty to say since there is not global leadership for Muslims, it is the responsibility of each and every adherent of Islam to protect their religion and ensure no offender goes unpunished.

“What they (the terrorists) did was completely jaayaz (legitimate) as per shariyat laws,” he claims.

In a similar incident, another Muslim cleric in Pakistan led a funeral prayer for the Kouachi brothers in the city of Peshawar. At least 50 people came together on January 13 to offer in absentia funeral prayers. They were led by Peer Muhammad Chishti.

“We are here to salute the two brothers who died while defending the honor of Islam’s Prophet,” said Chishti. “They released the world’s Muslims from a debt.”

Chishti claimed more than 200 people came to participate in the funeral prayers and clarified that he was not protesting on behalf of any organization, sect or madrassah.

“We are merely here to raise the voice of the common Muslim,” he said.

Chishti said he took it upon himself to organize the funeral for the two brothers because both the French and Pakistani governments failed to give them one.

“They usually organize huge rallies and demonstrations over minor issues, but they are completely silent over such a heinous and blasphemous act,” he explained.

When asked if the Pakistani government attempted to stop the funeral, Chishti said no Muslim would ever dare to do such a thing.

“No Muslim, if strong in his faith, would resist and bar us from offering prayers for people who proved their love for Islam’s Prophet,” he added.

Photo Credits: NBC News

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