Israeli Lawmaker Calls For Genocide Of Palestinians

Ayelet Shaked

38-year-old Israeli lawmaker Ayelet Shaked published a call for the genocide of Palestinians on her Facebook page, a post that drew as many as 5,000 likes on the social networking site.

Shaked who is a member of the conservative Jewish Home party, posted an unpublished article that was written by Uri Elitzur, leader of the Jews and close aide of the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The article advocates the idea of all Palestinians being regarded as enemies by the Jews and the stresses on the growing need to exterminate Palestine as a nation.

The post read in part, “The morality of war... does not condemn... the U.S. planes that destroyed the cities of Poland and wrecked half of Budapest, places whose wretched residents had never done a thing to America, but which had to be destroyed to win the war against evil... nor the NATO forces who bombed Milosevic's Belgrade, a city with a million civilians, elderly, babies, women and children... [nor] what America has done in Afghanistan, including the massive bombing of populated places, including the creation of a refugee stream of hundreds of thousands of people… And in our war this is sevenfold more correct, because the enemy soldiers hide out among the population, and it is only through its support that they can fight. Behind every terrorist stands dozens of men and women, without whom he could not engage in terrorism... They are all enemy combatants and their blood shall be on all their heads. Now this also includes the mothers... they should follow their sons [to hell], nothing would be more just. They should go, as should the physical homes in which they raised the snakes. Otherwise, more little snakes will be raised there.”

Incidentally, Shaked posted Elitzur’s unpublished article only a day before a Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khdair was kidnapped and burned to death by Jewish radicals who were allegedly seeking revenge for the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens earlier this year. According to local media, Shaked was not the only one to post hateful messages against Palestine round about the time that Khdeir was murdered., an orthodox Jewish website too called for the “little terrorist” to be slain despite him having no connections with any terror outfit. Hateful rhetoric however is not exclusive to Israelis, as extremists in Palestine have said equally condemnable things about those living in Israel.

Despite Shaked being widely criticized for her post, many others expressed similar sentiments and showed support for her on Facebook.

“We are at war, it's time we act like it,” wrote Iggy Fugazi while Rabin Chaturvedi said, “I support you... an eye for an eye, kill 'em all.”

Photo Credit: ניצן חרמוני

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