Another Hindu Goddess Blasphemy Scandal: Kali Smoking Poster Sparks Outrage

A tweet of a film poster that shows Hindu goddess Kali smoking a cigarette has sparked rage in India.

Leena Manimekalai, a Toronto-based director, tweeted the poster on Saturday, July 2. In the tweet, Manimekalai announced that her film Kaali would be released as part of the Aga Khan Museum's Rhythms of Canada Festival.

Islamic Leader Banned by UK Dept of Education for Homophobia & Misogyny

The decision of the United Kingdom's Department of Education to prohibit a Salafi activist from spreading his hateful teachings was welcomed by the National Secular Society (NSS). This ruling notes that several harmful sermons were published. This decision prevents the former faith school proprietor from managing private or state school teachings.

Roe Vs. Wade Overturned: Mixed Reactions from Religious Leaders

On Friday, June 24, the U.S. Supreme Court voted to overturn Roe v Wade, landmark legislation holding back anti-abortion laws on the state level. Americans have been the most divided as a nation since last week.

New Report Exposes Hindu-Nationalist Influence in the United States

A report published in the South Asia Citizens Web shows an intensive network of Hindutva-related organizations in the United States responsible for information campaigns and fundraising.

South Asia Citizens Web is an online repository that hosts literature and documents related to fundamentalist politics and the diminishment of secularism. The website has been operating since 1996, according to its description.

The Ex-Muslim Threatened with Death and How He Found Out from the FBI

A U.S.-based Iranian ex-Muslim and a vocal critic of the Iranian Islamic regime was contacted by the U.S.’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), warning him of possible attacks.

In an interview by Iran International, a London-based Persian television network, Abbas Khosravi Farsani confirmed that the FBI reached out to him.

Leaked Data Reveals Uyghur Region in China Has World's Highest Prison Rate

The Associated Press (AP) acquired more than 10,000 names of Muslim minority Uyghurs from Konasheher County who were imprisoned due to China's "war on terror." The leaked data reveals that nearly one in 25 Uyghurs in that county received prison sentences based on trumped-up terrorism-related charges, achieving the highest incarceration rate in the world.