Atheist Republic Mourns the Loss of Leader Lynda Tilley

It is with heavy hearts that Atheist Republic bid farewell to a beloved champion of human rights in our international Atheist Republic community in Africa, Lynda Tilley.

Lynda served as a leader in the Atheist Republic's Consulate in Durban, South Africa. Her activism spanned a decade, and she served as a voice for the weak, oppressed, and voiceless throughout Africa. In Tanzania, she was endearingly called “Mamma Kelele,” which roughly translates to “Vociferous Woman” in Swahili.

Spiritual U-Turn: Are Youth in the Middle East Embracing Religion Again?

While countries such as the United States are seeing a decline in religiosity and certainty about belief in God, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is seeing a significant resurgence in religiosity, particularly among the country’s youth.

That’s according to the new results of the Arab Barometer’s seventh wave of surveys, conducted between 2021 and 2022. These surveys by the nonprofit research network aimed to get a view of rates of religious observance among those living in the Arab world.

Witchcraft: Culture or Curse? African Union Addresses Dark Side of Belief

The legislative body of the African Union is planning to implement new rules to protect victims of ritual attacks and prevent people accused of witchcraft from being harmed and abused.

The Pan-African Parliament, a body attended by representatives from 48 African countries, met in Johannesburg, South Africa, to discuss the adoption of extensive guidelines that seek to help governments across the continent by teaching them strategies on how to tackle dangerous superstitions linked to witchcraft that often leads to attacks and abuse.

Blasphemous Video Sparks Protest of Thousands in Mali

On November 4, thousands of Muslims protested in Mali’s capital, Bamako, against a “blasphemous” video on social media.


The Pastor Wears Prada: African Preacher Says God Ordered Him to Wear Heels

TOGO- A Togolese pastor is raising eyebrows across Africa after images emerged on social media of the clergyman preaching his faith in high heels.

As of the writing of this article, his name remains unverified, but the pastor is going by the simple nickname ‘the high heels pastor.’