Christians & Muslims Unite in Forcing Kids into Anti-LGBT Protest

An unusual alliance was formed between Muslims and far-right, conservative Christians in Canada, where they protested against “gender ideology” and attacked a local school board in Ottawa after providing support for LGBTQIA+ students.

Canadian Imam Declares "We Are Commanded By Allah To Hate the Disbelievers"

A Canadian imam delivered a speech describing disbelievers as “living like animals” and claimed Allah commands Muslims to hate them.

The imam, Younus Kathrada, made these remarks during a sermon he delivered at the Muslim Youth Victoria Islamic Center on May 26, 2023. The video of him saying these comments was transcribed and shared by the Middle East Media Research Institute or MEMRI.

Victory! Canada Confirms Atheists are Eligible for Expedited Refugee Policy

On March 24, after a successful petition campaign, Canada's Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship confirmed that atheists and other non-religious are eligible for Less Complex Claims (LCC).

The LCC is an expedited refugee application process run by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. The process is handled by the Refugee Protection Division and allows for "short-hearing and file-review processes."

ISIS Sex Slave Survivor Book Event Cancelled Due to “Islamophobia”

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) has canceled events by “A Room of Your Own” book club. The board has withdrawn support for the two events hosted by the book club, citing different reasons. The two events were supposed to be attended by two influential contemporary authors, Marie Henein and Nadia Murad.