Investigation Reveals 450+ Clergy Abusers in the Illinois Catholic Church

A shocking investigation released by the Illinois Attorney General’s office on May 23rd revealed that 451 Catholic clergymen sexually abused nearly 2,000 children in the state within 70 years, more than four times than the 103 victims reported by the church when investigations began in 2018.

Clergy Sexual Abuse: French Catholic Church's New Digital ID Strategy

In a bid to tackle sexual abuse that has rattled the institution for years, the Catholic Church in France issued new digital ID cards with scannable QR codes to members of the clergy to help identify priests who face charges of sexual abuse.

Drag Queen Nuns Disinvited from Baseball Event After Catholic Backlash

After receiving backlash from Catholic leaders and conservative politicians, the Los Angeles Dodgers decided to call off its invitation to a group of drag nun performers for its LGBTQ+ Pride Night on June 16th.

Crying Virgin Mary Statue Exposed as Fraud, Italian Woman Flees In Response

An Italian woman given the moniker “The Saint” mysteriously left a lakeside town near Rome after a private investigator opened a judicial investigation against her after claiming that the Virgin Mary statue she brought shed tears of blood.

Filipinos Nailed to Crosses for Easter Crucifix Reenactment

With the Holy Week ending, many Filipinos celebrated it by spending time in churches and beaches. But a unique and gory tradition paused because the COVID-19 pandemic resumed for the first time, drawing thousands of tourists from the Philippines and abroad.

Catholic Group Spent Millions to Out Priests As Gay Using Dating Apps

A conservative, Colorado-based Catholic group reportedly spent millions of dollars to gather information and identify priests who use gay dating apps and share those data with bishops nationwide.

Pope Francis Cautions Vatican Staff That an "Elegant Demon" Is Among Them

In his annual Christmas greeting to the Roman Curia, Pope Francis warned cardinals, bishops, and priests working in the Holy See on December 22 to beware of the devil that lurks among them.

He described it as an “elegant demon” that works in people with a rigid and holier-than-thou attitude when living the Catholic faith.