American ISIS Fighter Raps About Killing Catholics

Federal prosecutors in the United States unsealed a complaint against a naturalized American citizen born in Somalia charged with joining a terrorist organization and providing it with material support, including rapping about flying to “shoot New York up.

German Catholic Employees Caught Red-handed Trying to Access Adult Sites!

An archbishop in one of the most important Catholic dioceses in Germany couldn’t help but express his disappointment on August 18th after he discovered that the employees of his diocese used their work computers to try to access pornographic websites.

NJ Court Upholds Catholic School's Firing of Unwed Pregnant Teacher

On August 14th, the Supreme Court of New Jersey ruled in favor of a Catholic school that fired an art teacher in 2014 because she became pregnant while unmarried, court documents have shown.

Drag Queen Rocks Religion: Provocative Performance Shocks the Philippines

A Filipina drag performer stirred controversy after a viral performance at a local bar where she dressed up as Jesus Christ and danced to a remixed version of a Filipino-language Catholic Mass worship song, sparking a heated debate on where to draw the line between “expression” and “mockery”, especially in a country like the Philippines, where around 79% of the population identify as Catholic.

Indonesia's Blasphemy Epidemic

Several human rights groups in Indonesia have called on the government to place a moratorium on blasphemy, urging them to amend the country’s laws on blasphemy and calling on the police to temporarily halt the enforcement of blasphemy-related articles to stop the abuse of religious minorities in the Muslim-majority country.

Nun Sexting Scandal: Accused Priest Refuses to Cooperate

An American priest has been suspended from his duties as a clergy member for being involved in a sex scandal with a nun. He refuses to cooperate with the church’s investigation on the issue.

How a Fake Priest Led to a $140,000 Fine for a California Restaurant!

A Mexican restaurant in California is in hot water for allegedly hiring a fake priest to extract confessions from its workers. It has also received a court order to pay $140,000 to its workers as compensation.

Holy Hot Water: Comedians Stir Controversy in the Philippines

Two Filipino stand-up comedians are facing blowback from religious believers after making jokes about their beliefs and faith. 

Gold Dagal and Jeleen Cubillas of the Comedy Manila group are constantly being chastised online by members of the famed Iglesia ni Cristo (or Church of Christ) and the Catholic Church, respectively, after their stand-up comedy performance videos went viral on Philippine social media.

Taxpayer Dollars for Catholic School? Oklahoma Shakes Nation's Secularism

Oklahoma gave the green light to establish the first religious charter school in the United States on June 5th, opening a new set of debates on the separation of church and state in public education.