Muslim Woman Harassed by Hindu Mob as Hijab in Classroom Row Escalates

Outrage and scores of protests are erupting in India's Karnataka state after a group of Hindus heckled a young Muslim girl. In a video posted on Twitter on February 8, a Muslim girl wearing a burqa was bullied by a mob of militant far-right Hindus. Muskan Khan, a college student, can be seen fighting back the protesters in the video.

Hindu Holy Men Demand that India Be Declared a “Hindu Nation”

On January 29, a gathering of Sadhus, a holy person in Hinduism, passed a resolution that calls for Prime Minister Modi’s Indian government and the government of Uttar Pradesh to declare India a Hindu Rashtra (Hindu State). The group also laid out other demands, including capital punishment for religious conversions and the release of Yati Narasinghanand Saraswati and Waseem Rizvi.

Genocide Expert Warns of Impending Mass Violence Against Muslims in India

On January 12, Dr. Gregory Stanton, founder of Genocide Watch, warned that genocide against Indian Muslims is imminent and will likely unfold if nothing is done. Dr. Stanton also predicted the Rwandan genocide more than two decades ago.

Dr. Stranton announced his prediction during the congressional briefing hosted by the Indian American Muslims Council and Amnesty International. He explained that early signs and processes are already happening.