Tech Industry or Caste System? Legal Case Sheds Light on Discrimination

Almost three years after a Dalit engineer in California filed a case against Cisco and his two supervisors for caste discrimination, the state’s Civil Rights Department voluntarily dismissed the case against the two Cisco engineers but decided to keep the lawsuit against the tech giant.

UK Man Jailed for Casteist Slurs in Social Media Post

A man in the UK was arrested for posting casteist slurs on social media, making it the first time someone was convicted for caste-based discrimination in Britain.

Georgia Becomes First US State to Officially Condemn "Hinduphobia"

Georgia made history as the first state in the US to take a legislative measure condemning Hinduphobia when the state’s General Assembly filed a resolution denouncing it.

Proposal to Outlaw Caste Discrimination Sparks Backlash Against CA Senator

A lawmaker introduced an anti-caste discrimination bill in California’s Senate on March 22 amidst persisting caste discrimination in the United States and other parts of the world. If passed, the state would become the first in the country to outlaw caste discrimination explicitly.

9-year-old "Untouchable" Boy Beaten by Teacher for Drinking Water

An Uttar Pradesh teacher allegedly assaulted a young Dalit boy for drinking water and threatened the boy's mother when she questioned him for his actions.

Woman Sparks Controversy by Lighting Cigarette with Burning Hindu Holy Text

A video showing an Indian woman burning a copy of Manusmriti, an ancient Sanskrit text often described as a “code of conduct” for Hindus, went viral on social media last Sunday. It comes at a time when India is experiencing a rise in Hindu nationalist sentiment.

First-of-Its-Kind Caste Discrimination Ban in Seattle is Historical in...

Seattle has made history in both the US and the world by passing a measure explicitly banning caste discrimination, becoming the first major city in the US to do so. It also comes at a time when caste discrimination persists in many parts of the globe.