New Study Shows That Most Americans Now Believe in Theory of Evolution

A much-needed tipping point in the social atmosphere of America has been achieved. A study backed with a substantially generous amount of data showed that more than half of adult Americans accept evolution. The study, first published online by Sage Publishing on August 16, 2021, stated that the public's level of acceptance of evolution had increased dramatically over the past two decades.

Right-wing Pastor Claims Gay Sex Disproves Evolution

Right-wing pastor Jack Hibbs delivered a compelling sermon last July 11, 2021, in his church, the Calvary Chapel in Chino Hills, California. He claims that the sexual actions of the LGBTQ+ community are proof that god exists. And that “evolutionists” should be "against same-sex unions" because it (gay sex) does not make sense because it does not produce life.

Utah Charter School Linked to Polygamous Mormons Under Investigation

The West Valley City public charter school is under investigation by The Utah State Charter School Board for its lack of diversity and spending irregularities.

FOX 13 News reported that Vanguard Academy has ties to the Kingston group, a known polygamous sect of Mormonism in Utah. Within the past five years, Vanguard Academy has enrolled only one non-white student. The school also spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on companies related to the Kingston family, according to public records.