Hindu's Anti-Islam Post: 10-Year Sentence in Bangladesh

A young Hindu man from Bangladesh was arrested and convicted for allegedly insulting Islam and the Prophet Muhammad through a social media post around six years ago.

On May 23rd, a court in the city of Rangpur in northwestern Bangladesh convicted a man named Titu Roy for making derogatory, anti-Islam remarks on Facebook, sentencing him to ten years in prison.

How Important is Religion to Urban Indians? New Survey Offers Answers

A new global religion survey by Ipsos discovered that 8 out of 10 urban Indians believe in the existence of God and claim to be comfortable around different faiths amidst rising Hindu nationalism and sectarian violence in the country.

Ukraine "Blasphemes" Hindu Goddess Kali, Sparking Indian Backlash

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense caused a stir among Indian netizens after tweeting a photo portraying the Indian goddess Kali morphed over a blast fume on April 30th, deeming it “Hinduphobic” and “disrespectful.”

The official Twitter account of Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense posted the image showing Kali superimposed over the fumes. The picture depicted the Hindu goddess of war and destruction posing awkwardly with her tongue sticking out and having a Marilyn Monroe-like upskirt moment, with a wreath of skulls around her neck.

How Social Media Giants Turn a Blind Eye to Hindu Nationalist Hate Speech

Months after cow vigilante and Hindu nationalist influencer Monu Manesar became notorious on social media after being accused of murder and posting his exploits against cow traders and smugglers, another Hindu nationalist figure went from obscurity to superstar-like fame, thanks to social media giants frequently ignoring their own moderation rules and community guidelines.

Australian Islamic Scholar Admonishes Muslims For "Abandoning Jihad"

An Australian Islamic scholar slammed Muslims for allegedly “abandoning jihad,” and describing Hindus and Jewish people with disparaging remarks.

Wissam Haddad, also known as “Abu Ousayd” on social media, made his statements during an address in Sydney, Australia, last April 14th. The sermon, titled “The Month of Victory,” was uploaded to the YouTube channel of Al Madina Dawah Center, a religious center in Sydney, Australia.

Georgia Becomes First US State to Officially Condemn "Hinduphobia"

Georgia made history as the first state in the US to take a legislative measure condemning Hinduphobia when the state’s General Assembly filed a resolution denouncing it.