This Indian State BANNED Muslim Polygamy and Didn’t Stop There…

Lawmakers in a small Indian state have voted to approve a landmark civil code that will unify personal laws for marriage, divorce, inheritance, and adoption for Hindus, Muslims, and other religious communities, including legislation that will require couples living together to register with the government or face punishment.

Modi Opens Controversial Hindu Temple on Top of Destroyed Mosque Site

From a Mughal-era mosque that was razed by radical Hindu nationalist militants more than three decades ago, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated a newly constructed and highly anticipated Hindu temple that was built in the former mosque’s place, drawing both support and criticism from various groups and sectors of Indian society.


The Netflix Movie That Enraged Hindu Nationalists... Over Food

Netflix is facing another backlash from right-wing Hindu nationalists in India over a film for its depiction of a deity and member of a traditionally vegetarian caste cooking and eating meat.

“Hinduism is Deceit” Controversial Comments by Indian Politician Cause Row

An Indian politician recently stoked controversy after a speech where he claimed that Hinduism is not a religion but a fraud and a means of livelihood for some people. 

“Insult to Prophet Mohammad” Indian Bus Driver Nearly Beheaded in Blasphemy

A man in India’s most populous state was arrested after he hit a bus conductor with a cleaver after a dispute about bus fare, alleging that he assaulted the conductor because he allegedly insulted the Prophet Muhammad.

Australian Hindus Harassed By Muslim Neighbors Vandalizing Idols with Feces

A Muslim woman and her daughter in Australia provoked anger among Hindus after a video of them dumping a used menstrual pad that reeks of urine on a Hindu religious statue went viral on social media.

The now-viral video was uploaded on TikTok by @eshana_autar and was also shared on X (previously known as Twitter), YouTube, and other social media platforms. In the footage, two Muslim women living in Sydney wearing burqas were seen putting a used menstrual pad and wet tissues on the religious statue of their Hindu neighbor, who installed security cameras near the statue.