Hindu Hate-Preacher Booked for Saying Islamic Schools Should Be "Blown Up"

On September 18, the Aligarh police in Uttar Pradesh, India, booked fifty-eight-year-old Yati Nasinghanard for calling for the demolition of a Muslim university as well as local madrassas.

This Dasna Devi Temple priest is well known for his controversial statements. He has openly called for hate against Muslims in the past, as well as women and minorities. His social media reaches millions of right-wing followers.

According to the BBC, he calls Muslims “demons” and has threatened to eliminate them.

Atheist Convention in India Draws 10,000, Largest Meet-up in the World!

Litmus' 22, an annual gathering of atheists, took place in Kerala, India, on October 2. Thousands of atheists and freethinkers from across the state met up with each other at the Rajiv Gandhi indoor stadium in Kadavanthra, Ernakulam, on the third edition of the event. The gathering of over 10,000 attendees, many of whom participated in various types of discourse, saw debates and presentations.

Indian Muslim Man Kills Hindu Wife for Refusing to Wear Hijab

A Hindu woman was murdered in India by her Muslim husband for refusing to follow Islamic traditions and demanding a divorce.

The name of the accused is Iqbal Mohammad Sheikh, who is known as a 36-year-old taxi driver in Mumbai. He is charged with murdering Rupali Chandanshive, a 20-year-old Hindu woman, by slitting her throat with a sharp knife and stabbing her hands multiple times for not wearing a burqa per Islamic traditions and demanding a divorce. According to the reports, the incident happened on September 26 in the suburban Tilak Nagar area of west Chembur.

Hindu-Muslim Mob Violence Flares Tension in The United Kingdom

Communal tensions erupted in Leicester city, United Kingdom, in reaction to a cricket match. The match between India and Pakistan on August 28 in the Asia Cup is said to have sparked numerous protests, some of which turned very violent. While which side started the violence is highly debated, community leaders have called for calm as animosity between the Hindu and Muslim groups persists.

Teen Girl Killed by Jilted Stalker, "Love Jihad" Accusation Rocks India

A teenage Hindu girl in the Dumka district of Jharkhand was allegedly set on fire for rejecting a man's advances. While fighting for her life in a hospital for five days, the girl succumbed to her injuries. The Muslim man accused of perpetrating the attack was arrested along with an accomplice.

Indian State Criminalizes Conversion Under the Guise of Religious Freedom

A bill to amend the existing anti-conversion law was passed in the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly in India on August 12. According to the new legislation, the punishment for forcibly converting would be increased from seven to ten years. The bill also defines "mass conversions" and forbids them.