Islamic Republic Amputates 4 Fingers of Accused Iranian Thief

After being accused of stealing five sheep from a farm owned by a member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), an Iranian prisoner has had four of his fingers amputated, while the prisoner denies the accusations.

Shocking: Indian Teacher Forces Kids to Slap Muslim Student!

A teacher in India is being investigated by authorities after a video of her encouraging students to slap their seven-year-old Muslim classmate surfaced on social media, sparking outrage across the country.

Arrested for Looking Gay? How a Crop Top Landed a Man in Turkish Prison

A man from Portugal was arrested by Turkish authorities and was imprisoned because he "looked gay” and wore a crop top, exposing him to horrendous conditions and human rights violations during his time in jail.

Quran Burning Sparks Global Response: UN Makes Shocking Move

In response to the most recent Quran-burning incident in Sweden, where an Iraqi immigrant burned the religious book in front of a mosque in Stockholm last June, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) adopted a resolution on July 12th on religious hatred, condemning the acts of burning the Islamic holy book in Sweden.

Iranian Protester Tortured & Sentenced to Death for "Apostasy"

Iranian authorities have handed a death sentence to a 35-year-old mentally ill man for allegedly committing apostasy and “insulting holy things” amidst the early stages of protests following the death of Mahsa Amini in morality police custody.

Javad Rouhi and two teenagers, 19-year-old Mahdi Mohammadifad and 18-year-old Arshia Takdastan, were accused of breaking into the traffic police headquarters in the city of Nowshahr in northern Iran, setting it on fire on September 21 last year.

Interfaith Leaders & Secularists Sue to Stop Missouri’s Abortion Ban

A group of 13 religious leaders from various denominations filed a lawsuit on January 19 in St.Louis, Missouri, challenging the state’s ban on abortion, arguing that lawmakers used their religious beliefs to pass the law and imposed those beliefs on others.

Brave Gay Activist in Qatar Protests 2022 World Cup

Qatari police put an end to a one-person protest staged by British human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell outside of the Gulf state's national museum ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which will be held on November 20.

Mr. Tatchell, director of the Peter Tatchell Foundation, stood outside the National Museum of Qatar for just over half an hour wearing a T-Shirt with the words "#QatarAntiGay" inscribed. He was also seen holding a placard reading "Qatar arrests, jails, and subjects LGBTs to conversion" with the same hashtag below.

Indian Police Flog Muslims in Public, Condemned by Amnesty International

On October 4, plainclothes police officers in Gujarat, India, publicly flogged nine Muslim men in front of a cheering crowd. Video of the flogging went viral catching the attention of human rights groups.