Hindu Mob, Including Off-Duty Policeman, Attack Christian Gathering in In..

Along with an off-duty police officer, radical Hindu nationalists attacked Christians during a private prayer gathering.

About three weeks ago, a mob of right-wing Hindu fundamentalists, accompanied by an off-duty police officer, launched an attack on a private home where the Christians had gathered for a prayer meeting in the east-central Indian state of Chhattisgarh. Roughly 15 Christians were physically assaulted.

Indian Man Arrested for "Insulting the Prophet Muhammad"

On October 12, a man identified as Jay Prakash Mohanty was arrested in Uttarakhand, India, for social media posts insulting the Prophet Mohammad.

Thirty-year-old Mohanty, a contract worker, was arrested by Naugaun Police after receiving a written complaint about his Facebook posts. Demonstrations were also held outside police headquarters, demanding action.

According to the police, “Evidence was found of controversial posts by Mohanty in Facebook slandering not only Prophet Mohammad but Gods of other religions too.”

Indian Police Flog Muslims in Public, Condemned by Amnesty International

On October 4, plainclothes police officers in Gujarat, India, publicly flogged nine Muslim men in front of a cheering crowd. Video of the flogging went viral catching the attention of human rights groups.

Indian Human Sacrifice Case Prompts Calls for Laws Against Superstition

A case of human sacrifice in Kerala, India, has garnered concern about the need for a law against black magic and harmful rituals performed in the name of "faith."

The gruesome deaths of two mercilessly assaulted and murdered women have brought attention to many who want an appropriate law against the harmful and evil rituals performed in the name of superstitions.

4 People Accused of Witchcraft Forced to Eat Human Excrement in India

In late September, a woman in the Dumka district of Jharkhand, India, filed a complaint with the police alleging a weekend ordeal at the hands of villagers who leveled accusations of witchcraft.

According to Vinay Kumar, head of the Saraiyahat Police station, who corroborated the ordeal, the complainant, along with two other women and one man, were victims of inhuman torture.

Data Reveals Most Indians "Do Not See Liberalism as a Virtue"

India, despite having a secular and pluralistic constitution, is still massively majoritarian in its views, according to a recent book by a data journalist. The book also claimed that India’s youth has a weaker commitment to democracy and freedom of speech than what is currently believed.

According to the data, “Age, education and urbanization, and income do not produce the moderating, progressive liberal effects on views that we in our popular imagination in India assume they do. Young people do not hold more progressive values than their parents or even their grandparents.”

Hindu Hate-Preacher Booked for Saying Islamic Schools Should Be "Blown Up"

On September 18, the Aligarh police in Uttar Pradesh, India, booked fifty-eight-year-old Yati Nasinghanard for calling for the demolition of a Muslim university as well as local madrassas.

This Dasna Devi Temple priest is well known for his controversial statements. He has openly called for hate against Muslims in the past, as well as women and minorities. His social media reaches millions of right-wing followers.

According to the BBC, he calls Muslims “demons” and has threatened to eliminate them.