Push to Decriminalize Homosexuality In Lebanon Faces Religious Backlash!

A television channel in Lebanon recently launched an ad campaign to decriminalize homosexuality in the country, sparking outrage among religious leaders.

Murr Television (MTV) released a video last September 2nd announcing its support for abolishing a provision in Lebanon’s Penal Code that makes "unnatural sexual intercourse,” often used to target members of the LGBTQIA+ community in the country, punishable by one year in prison.

'Soldiers of God' Lead Violent Assault on Lebanese Drag Event

An extremist, anti-LGBTQIA+ militia group stormed a bar in Lebanon’s capital, Beirut, on the night of August 23 while a drag event was being held, threatening violence against members of the LGBTQIA+ community in a country that is seeing a rising wave of hatred and bigotry against them.

Resisting Modesty: Lebanese Women Fight for Right to Wear Swimwear

After an incident in a coastal city in southern Lebanon where a woman was allegedly harassed for reportedly wearing an “indecent” bathing suit, activists staged a protest at a beach on May 21st.

Dozens of female protesters defied a ban imposed by the conservative, Sunni Muslim-majority city of Sidon regarding the bathing suit incident. They rallied against it, according to a reporter from Agence-France Presse (AFP).

Religious Crackdown in Lebanon Hits LGBT Community

Ungodly and not in line with Lebanese customs – these are some of the reasons why security forces have cracked down on various LGBTQ community groups and the events they hold.

LGBTQ-friendly events, according to the Interior Ministry in its statement on June 24, “violate our society’s customs and traditions, and contradict with the principles of the Abrahamic religions.”

Marry-Your-Rapist Law Repealed in Lebanon

Don't Rape

Lebanon repealed one of the longstanding laws that allow rapists to avoid criminal prosecution if they marry their victims. It was the latest in a string of countries in the region to reverse such provision under pressure from Arab women’s group. Women’s groups have agitated for years for the laws to be repealed, saying they further victimize survivors.