Four Sentenced to Death for Blasphemy in Pakistan

Four individuals in Pakistan were sentenced to death on September 4th for blasphemy for sharing content deemed insulting to the Prophet Muhammad and the Holy Quran, while one convict was sentenced to seven years in prison in the case.

Pakistan Ups the Ante on Blasphemy - Life in Prison Now Possible!

Pakistan continues its crackdown on what it sees as blasphemy against Islam by passing a new law that would increase the punishment for those found guilty of insulting or using derogatory remarks not just against the Prophet Muhammad but also members of his family, wives, companions, and the First Four Caliphs of Islam.

'Send them to India': The Cost of Celebrating Holi at a Pakistani College

Students at a Pakistani university received a disciplinary notice for participating in Holi celebrations at their campus, sparking debate on celebrating religious activities from other faiths in the Muslim-majority nation.