Pakistani Activists Speak Out Against Torture of Accused Blasphemers

Cases of custodial torture in blasphemy cases raise concern among Pakistani rights activists.

Human rights activists in Pakistan have urged the authorities to modify some of the principles of criminal justice to ensure the grounds for fair trials and express their concern about the rapid increase in cases of custodial torture in the country.

Pakistani Taliban Terminates Ceasefire with Government, Threatening Attacks

The Pakistani Taliban declared an end to the ceasefire agreed with the Pakistani government last June and commanded its fighters to carry out attacks all over the country.

The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), also known as the Pakistani Taliban, cited the Pakistani military’s increasing operations against them in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as the primary reason for their decision to end the ceasefire with the government.

“Blasphemous" QR Code on Sparks Protests and Vandalism in Pakistan

On July 1,  Pakistan Police arrested 27 Samsung employees at a mobile store after a mob turned violent at the Star City mall in Karachi. Protests began after a WiFi device was installed at the mall, which allegedly made blasphemous remarks against the Prophet Muhammad and his companions. In retaliation, a violent crowd gathered at the spot and damaged signboards and goods.

Pakistani Christian Sentenced to Death for Saying ‘Jesus is Supreme’

Pakistan's Blasphemy law has ruined many and sometimes taken lives since the country declared independence. In a recent hearing, a Christian believer named Ashfaq Masih, a mechanic was sentenced to death for blasphemy. The man was accused of insulting Prophet Muhammad by saying, "Jesus is supreme."