Pakistani Woman Nearly Lynched by a Mob for a 'Blasphemous' Dress

A woman was saved from an angry mob in Pakistan after she was accused of blasphemy due to the Arabic inscriptions in her dress, which were mistaken for verses in the Quran.

Italian Mayor's Crusade Against Islam: Bans Prayers & Burkinis

A coastal town in northern Italy is in disarray after its far-right mayor introduced a series of policies aimed against its immigrant Muslim population, with the latest being a ban on Muslim prayer passed in November last year.

American Ex-Muslim Teen Assaulted by Family for Becoming Christian

Authorities in Nashville, Tennessee, arrested a mother, father, and son for assaulting a teenage boy for becoming a Christian after officers conducted a welfare check on the juvenile.


Has Denmark Fallen to Islamism? Danish Parliament Bans Quran Burnings

After the Danish government announced last July that they would seek a “legal tool” to prevent the series of Quran burnings that rocked the country as well as neighboring Sweden, the Danish parliament recently passed a bill that will outlaw burning the Quran in public places.

“Insult to Prophet Mohammad” Indian Bus Driver Nearly Beheaded in Blasphemy

A man in India’s most populous state was arrested after he hit a bus conductor with a cleaver after a dispute about bus fare, alleging that he assaulted the conductor because he allegedly insulted the Prophet Muhammad.

Progressive Americans Are Converting to Islam….

With the Israel-Hamas war continuing after the Islamist terrorist group attacked Israel on October 7th, the tide of public opinion among many young Americans, many of whom hold progressive views, shifted significantly in favor of Palestine.


Four Sentenced to Death for Blasphemy in Pakistan

Four individuals in Pakistan were sentenced to death on September 4th for blasphemy for sharing content deemed insulting to the Prophet Muhammad and the Holy Quran, while one convict was sentenced to seven years in prison in the case.

Charlie Hebdo Takes Aim: Denmark's Controversial Blasphemy Law Under Fire!

Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical newspaper known for being targeted by two Islamist terrorists that saw 12 people killed and 11 injured in January 2015, criticized the Danish government after it proposed a new law banning religious books such as the Quran from being desecrated.