Quran Burner Assaulted by Woman with Fire-Extinguisher in Sweden

A woman was arrested and detained by authorities in Sweden on August 18th after attempting to stop another Quran-burning demonstration, this time outside the Iranian Embassy in Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, by the notorious Iraqi protester and refugee Salwan Momika by spraying him with a fire extinguisher.

Al-Qaeda Calls For Revenge On Sweden & Denmark For Quran Desecrations

Al-Qaeda, the militant, Islamist, and terrorist organization responsible for the September 11 attacks in the United States in 2001, called upon its supporters and Muslims worldwide to carry out terror attacks in Sweden and Denmark to "take revenge" for the series of Quran-burning protests conducted in the two Nordic countries over the past few months.

Exposing How ‘Quranic Healers' are Sexually Abusing Women

Spiritual healers are common in every religion, and Islam is no exception. But while faith healers in other religions were criticized for fraud, Quranic healers, also called raqi, were prone to sexually abusing and exploiting their female clients.

Betrayal of Free Expression: Denmark May Outlaw Quran Burnings

Officials of the Swedish and Danish governments have begun to consider possible legal solutions to address the issue of publicly defacing the Quran and other religious books and symbols.

How Quran Burnings Ignited Embassy Attacks in Iraq

After two separate incidents of Quran burning in Sweden and Denmark this July, emotions run extremely high in Iraq, where the Swedish embassy was torched down by protesters along with an attempt to storm the Danish diplomatic mission in the country’s capital Baghdad.

After Quran-Burning Backlash Sweden Approves Torah-Burning Protest

After a series of controversial protests involving burning the Quran, which sparked outrage from Muslims worldwide, Sweden approved a new protest, but this time would involve burning the Torah and the Bible.

Quran Burning Sparks Global Response: UN Makes Shocking Move

In response to the most recent Quran-burning incident in Sweden, where an Iraqi immigrant burned the religious book in front of a mosque in Stockholm last June, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) adopted a resolution on July 12th on religious hatred, condemning the acts of burning the Islamic holy book in Sweden.

How Quran-Burning Turned into a Diplomatic Nightmare for Sweden

Six months after a far-right Swedish-Danish activist and politician enraged the entire Muslim community by publicly burning the Quran in front of the Turkish embassy in Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, another Quran-burning stunt occurred in the capital, this time during the celebration of Eid al-Adha, or the Feast of Sacrifice.