Imam's Demand that Wives Must Accept "Invitations to Bed" Sparks Outrage

A Turkish mufti (Muslim religious scholar) was under fire from Turkish Cypriots for suggesting that women should fulfill their duty to their husbands by accepting their “invitation to bed,” believing that his statement was a sign of imported encroachment of fundamentalist Islam in their secular community.

Santas Assaulted by Hindu Nationalists at Indian Carnival

Hindu Nationalists beat up a group of Santa Clauses in India. The country now faces an upsurge in targeted attacks on Christians.

Man Ordered to Remove "Jesus is the Only Way" Shirt at Mall of America

A video capturing a confrontation between a man and security guards in Mall of America went viral online after guards asked him to remove his t-shirt, which read, in part, “Jesus is the only way.”

In the video taken by Kameko Rawls and uploaded on Facebook, one of the guards was seen talking to the man, identified as Paul Shoro, regarding his clothes. The bright yellow t-shirt read “Jesus Saves” on the front with another message on the back saying “Jesus is the only way” and the Coexist logo crossed out.

SCOTUS to Hear Christian Postman's Discrimination Case Over Sunday Work

On January 13, the US Supreme Court agreed to consider a case of religious discrimination dismissed by a lower court.

Iran Shuts Down French Institute Due to Charlie Hebdo's Khamenei Cartoons

Iran’s government said they shut down the Tehran-based French Institute of Research in response to cartoons from the latest edition of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Some of the caricatures they published were sexually explicit.

Jewish Extremists Vandalize Christian Graves in Jerusalem

On January 1, dozens of graves were vandalized in Jerusalem’s cemetery on Mount Zion. A few days later, a video emerged where the subjects perpetrating the crime were shown wearing traditional Jewish attire.

On January 4, a reporter from the Jewish news Haaretz, Nir Hasson, tweeted the video captioned “two Jews vandalizing graves.” The footage shows the men wearing kippas (Jewish head covering) and tassels (tzitzit) knotted to their clothing, per the Torah’s command to the Hebrews. The men pulled down crosses inside the Christian cemetery and then smashed them to pieces.