Police in Italy Confirm Muslim Migrants Pushed Christians Overboard

Muslim Migrants Pushed Christians Overboard

Muslim migrants, who were attempting to flee to Italy from Libya onboard a boat last week, reportedly pushed 12 fellow passengers overboard, thus killing them, because they belonged to a different religion. According to police officials in Italy, the 12 pushed overboard happened to be Christians, and 15 suspects have been arrested for causing their deaths at sea.

New Geological Evidence Suggests Jesus’ Tomb Has Been Found

Israeli Geologist

A recently finished study by an Israeli geologist has significantly increased the chances that an ancient tomb located on the outskirts of Jerusalem was the final resting place of Jesus Christ and his family members. The new findings by Aryeh Shimron made use of a chemical fingerprint to link a bone box, or ossuary, inscribed with the words ‘James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus’ to a tomb that is located inside a rose garden amidst several ordinary apartments at a Jerusalem suburb called Talpiot.