Religious Right

Religious Right

Why Hindu Nationalists are PISSED About the Name of a Lion

A well-known Hindu nationalist organization went to court to prevent two lions named after a 16th-century Mughal emperor and a Hindu deity from sharing a zoo enclosure in the state of West Bengal.

This Indian State BANNED Muslim Polygamy and Didn’t Stop There…

Lawmakers in a small Indian state have voted to approve a landmark civil code that will unify personal laws for marriage, divorce, inheritance, and adoption for Hindus, Muslims, and other religious communities, including legislation that will require couples living together to register with the government or face punishment.

Modi Opens Controversial Hindu Temple on Top of Destroyed Mosque Site

From a Mughal-era mosque that was razed by radical Hindu nationalist militants more than three decades ago, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated a newly constructed and highly anticipated Hindu temple that was built in the former mosque’s place, drawing both support and criticism from various groups and sectors of Indian society.


Egypt's New Niqab Ban in Schools Divides the Nation

Egypt has recently unveiled its decision to ban the niqab, a type of Islamic religious garment worn by women, at schools, sparking a debate in one of Africa’s largest Muslim-majority countries.

Culture Clash in Israel: How Far Will Gender Segregation Go?

Since the rise of Israel’s most right-wing government in its history, which included ultra-Orthodox and far-right parties in its alliance, many activists and ordinary Israelis are worrying about the rise of sex segregation in many areas of public life.

Is AI Killing Religious Faith? The Surprising Link Exposed!

Religion has continuously declined worldwide in the 21st century, including in the United States. There are different ideas as to the factors that contribute to this decline. However, a recent paper suggests that automation in the form of artificial intelligence and robotics is a primary driver in the current downward trend of global religiosity.

Why Secular Soldiers in Australia Aren't Getting Adequate Support

A former top military recruitment official of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) warned that the country’s armed forces must find secular alternatives to religious chaplains, which has increased in recent years, or there would be risks to the members’ health and wellbeing.

Taliban Spokesman Drops Bombshell: Women Must Hide Faces or Lose Value!

A spokesperson for a key ministry in Afghanistan’s Taliban government declared on August 17th that Afghan women would lose their value if men could see their faces uncovered in public. He also claimed that many religious scholars agree that women should cover their faces when outside their homes.