Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Imposes Controversial Restrictions on Ramadan

Saudi Arabia has released a new controversial set of rules and restrictions for Ramadan in the Kingdom this year, sparking backlash across the Muslim world.

The country’s Minister of Islamic Affairs, Abdul Latif Al-Sheikh, published and shared a document on March 3rd containing regulations for the Islamic holy month of Ramadan that everyone in the Kingdom must follow.

Why a Cube-Shaped City in Saudi Arabia is Upsetting Muslims

A cube-shaped megastructure for Riyadh in Saudi Arabia sparks controversy in social media for its similarity to the 'Kaaba.'

On February 16th, Saudi Arabia lifted the curtain on the latest architectural design of a cubic-shaped megastructure, which received criticism for strikingly resembling Islam's most sacred site, the Kaaba.

Doctor’s Claim that 92% of Saudi Women Watch Porn Sparks Outrage

Saudi citizens have taken to social media in anger after a prominent doctor said in a televised interview that ninety-two percent of Saudi women had watched online pornography.

The Saudi Society for Infectious Diseases Director, Dr. Nizar Bahberi, gained a mass following during the Covid-19 pandemic. He has over 230,000 followers. In an interview on the Rotana Gulf channel, Dr. Bahberi was lamenting over access to pornography, which he claims is freely aired on satellite television.

Arab Gulf Nations Demand Netflix to Remove 'Immoral' LGBT Content

The Gulf countries are known for censoring many movies and TV shows in the past. Their new decision may not come as a shock to many. The Arab countries have now demanded the immensely popular streaming site Netflix remove "offensive content," citing material that "violates Islamic and societal values and principles."