Saudi Arabia

Saudi Man Sentenced To Death For Tweets Criticizing Nation's Leaders

A man in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to death for his Tweets criticizing the country’s leadership following an intensifying crackdown against dissent in the ultraconservative, Muslim-majority kingdom.

Love Heart Emojis: A Dangerous Crime in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait?

Think before you click, as the saying goes, when doing something online. It’s always best to be mindful when sending messages to someone on the Internet, especially if you’re sending heart emojis to girls in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, or you might end up in jail.

You read that right. Sending a heart emoji to a girl on WhatsApp or any other social networking site in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia is now considered a crime of inciting debauchery and harassment, punishable by law.

Locked in Tradition: Shocking Middle Eastern Laws Trapping Women at Home

The Middle Eastern and North Africa (MENA) region continues to be one of the worst regions in the world to be a woman. Of the 25 countries ranked by the Georgetown Institute for

Women, Peace, and Security (GIWPS), at least seven are in the MENA region. Male guardianship laws that restrict women’s rights persist, limiting the opportunities for women to grow.

Saudi Female Influencer Faces Unimaginable Penalty for Advocacy Posts

Authorities in Saudi Arabia arrested and jailed a popular female fitness instructor for her posts on social media, becoming the latest victim of the crackdown against dissent in the Muslim-majority kingdom.

Saudi Arabia Imposes Controversial Restrictions on Ramadan

Saudi Arabia has released a new controversial set of rules and restrictions for Ramadan in the Kingdom this year, sparking backlash across the Muslim world.

The country’s Minister of Islamic Affairs, Abdul Latif Al-Sheikh, published and shared a document on March 3rd containing regulations for the Islamic holy month of Ramadan that everyone in the Kingdom must follow.

Why a Cube-Shaped City in Saudi Arabia is Upsetting Muslims

A cube-shaped megastructure for Riyadh in Saudi Arabia sparks controversy in social media for its similarity to the 'Kaaba.'

On February 16th, Saudi Arabia lifted the curtain on the latest architectural design of a cubic-shaped megastructure, which received criticism for strikingly resembling Islam's most sacred site, the Kaaba.