Saudi Arabia

Hardly a Hijab in Sight: New Nike Ad in Saudi Arabia Sends a Big Message

American athletic apparel brand Nike launched its first-ever campaign ad film, “What If You Can?” aimed at Saudi Arabian women, a first in Saudi history. The ad hopes to inspire girls in the Muslim-majority, ultraconservative kingdom to build confidence and realize their full potential through the power of sport. However, the ad also sparks debate on the role of women in a changing Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Textbooks Erase Palestine: A New Shift in Middle East Politics?

Research made by an Israeli think tank revealed that textbooks from Saudi Arabia showed significant moderation of anti-Israel and antisemitic material, while references to Palestine were removed from most maps and lessons where they previously appeared, pointing to the possibility of the ultraconservative Muslim kingdom laying the groundwork for normalizing ties with the Jewish state.

Saudis Call for Return of Pre-Islamic Pagan Goddesses, Sparking Outrage

A wave of social media accounts in Saudi Arabia have been recently promoting and calling for the return of ancient Arabian, pre-Islamic deities as part of the kingdom’s national and cultural heritage, sparking outrage among religious Saudis and other Muslims as the ultraconservative kingdom pushes to modernize and replace its religious identity with a more nationalistic one.

Saudi Man Sentenced To Death For Tweets Criticizing Nation's Leaders

A man in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to death for his Tweets criticizing the country’s leadership following an intensifying crackdown against dissent in the ultraconservative, Muslim-majority kingdom.

Love Heart Emojis: A Dangerous Crime in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait?

Think before you click, as the saying goes, when doing something online. It’s always best to be mindful when sending messages to someone on the Internet, especially if you’re sending heart emojis to girls in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, or you might end up in jail.

You read that right. Sending a heart emoji to a girl on WhatsApp or any other social networking site in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia is now considered a crime of inciting debauchery and harassment, punishable by law.

Locked in Tradition: Shocking Middle Eastern Laws Trapping Women at Home

The Middle Eastern and North Africa (MENA) region continues to be one of the worst regions in the world to be a woman. Of the 25 countries ranked by the Georgetown Institute for

Women, Peace, and Security (GIWPS), at least seven are in the MENA region. Male guardianship laws that restrict women’s rights persist, limiting the opportunities for women to grow.