"Send Nudes;" NASA to Send Human Nudes into Space to Tempt Aliens

NASA plans on beaming naked pictures of a man and a woman into outer space in a bid to encourage any intelligent alien life forms to respond to the message.

Published on March 25, the "A Beacon in the Galaxy" project provides an updated binary-coded message developed for transmission to extraterrestrial intelligence in the Milky Way galaxy.

New Survey: 70% of Young Scottish Adults have No Religion

A study sponsored by the Humanist Society of Scotland revealed many Scots are departing from religion and religious identity. The study showed a stark difference compared to a similar survey in 2011. The survey conducted by YouGov, an international research data and analytics group, asked more than 1002 adults about their religious preferences.

New Study: Ending Religious Education Doesn't Lead To Decline in Morals

On January 3, 2022, CESifo released a resounding preliminary paper on the social implications of withdrawing religious education from the academe. The article claimed that the “staggered termination of compulsory religious education led to more equalized gender roles, fewer marriages and children, and higher labor-market participation and earnings.”

New Study Shows Explosive Increase of Non-Religious in the United States

The annual National Public Opinion Reference Survey (NPORS) of the Pew Research Center said around three out of ten US adults now consider themselves unaffiliated to any religion. First conducted in 2020, NPORS is an annual survey conducted online and via mail using a nationally representative group of respondents.

New Study Finds Atheists Are More Likely To Believe Aliens Exist

The report by the Office of the Director of the National Defense (ODND) released last June 25, 2021, caused a flurry of discussion regarding the existence of aliens. The report's title, made more ominous by the government agencies involved in its writing, Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), creates an exciting topic for non-religious and religious individuals.

New Study Shows That Most Americans Now Believe in Theory of Evolution

A much-needed tipping point in the social atmosphere of America has been achieved. A study backed with a substantially generous amount of data showed that more than half of adult Americans accept evolution. The study, first published online by Sage Publishing on August 16, 2021, stated that the public's level of acceptance of evolution had increased dramatically over the past two decades.