New Study Finds Atheists Are More Likely To Believe Aliens Exist

The report by the Office of the Director of the National Defense (ODND) released last June 25, 2021, caused a flurry of discussion regarding the existence of aliens. The report's title, made more ominous by the government agencies involved in its writing, Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), creates an exciting topic for non-religious and religious individuals.

New Study Shows That Most Americans Now Believe in Theory of Evolution

A much-needed tipping point in the social atmosphere of America has been achieved. A study backed with a substantially generous amount of data showed that more than half of adult Americans accept evolution. The study, first published online by Sage Publishing on August 16, 2021, stated that the public's level of acceptance of evolution had increased dramatically over the past two decades.

Girls Robotics Team Safely Flees Afghanistan, Receive Scholarship Offers

Humanity is indeed a young species. We arrived at a point in our civilization where old religions of past centuries hold out their claims in our culture. And the liberal ideas, growing and evolving, are still struggling to free themselves from the remnants of the dark ages. Afghan Dreamers are pushed to escape their homeland and dream outside Afghanistan.

New Study Examines Anti-Atheist Discrimination in the Workplace

A study claims that people are more biased against atheists expressing their lack of belief versus theists expressing their beliefs, particularly in the workplace environment. "Explaining anti-atheist discrimination in the workplace: The role of intergroup threat" authored by Kimberly Rios, Leah Halper, and Christopher Scheitle was published in a journal by the American Psychological Association (APA), APA Psycnet, on March 4, 2021.

Right-wing Pastor Claims Gay Sex Disproves Evolution

Right-wing pastor Jack Hibbs delivered a compelling sermon last July 11, 2021, in his church, the Calvary Chapel in Chino Hills, California. He claims that the sexual actions of the LGBTQ+ community are proof that god exists. And that “evolutionists” should be "against same-sex unions" because it (gay sex) does not make sense because it does not produce life.

Famed Yogi's Aide: "Indian Med. Assoc. Trying to Make Indians Christians"

The founder of the Ayurvedic brand Patanjali, Baba Ramdev, made controversial comments regarding COVID vaccines. A video surfaced on the internet on May 24 where Ramdev was seen commenting in one of his Yoga sessions that many people have died from COVID-19 after taking both doses of the vaccine, including 10 thousand medical practitioners.

43% of American millennials "don’t care" about the existence of god

In America’s religious landscape, we witness one of the most profound worldview transitions, and Millenials are at the heart of it. Adults age 18 to 36 — otherwise known as Millenials — have an extensive perception of how humanity relates to the universe. Younger Americans don’t believe or even care about the standard theory of a god’s existence.