Social Media

UK Man Jailed for Casteist Slurs in Social Media Post

A man in the UK was arrested for posting casteist slurs on social media, making it the first time someone was convicted for caste-based discrimination in Britain.

Free Speech Threatened? Woman Who Insulted French President Faces Trial

A French woman from Saint-Omer in northern France was charged for allegedly insulting French President Emmanuel Macron on social media, describing him as a “piece of filth.”

Attacked with Yogurt & Arrested: The Dangers of Not Wearing Hijab in Iran

Iranian authorities arrested a mother and her daughter for not wearing hijabs after a man threw a tub of yogurt at them for not wearing headscarves.

Powerful Message from a Persecuted Egyptian Atheist

Sherif Gaber lived a typical life as a university student in Egypt, studying sociology at the Suez Canal University in Ismailia. But his life would change because of an argument with a teacher and a few Facebook postings that got him into legal trouble.

Around a decade after that, Sherif Gaber became a vlogger and political activist, fighting for human rights in a country notorious for its human rights violations under its authoritarian government.

UK Islamic Charity Under Fire for Urging Followers to Pray Against LGBT

An Islamic charity in the UK was criticized for sharing a post on social media against the LGBTQIA+ community, urging followers to pray for protection against them.

Indian Cow Vigilante Social Media Influencer Accused of Murder

A cow vigilante influencer has become notorious in India and worldwide for uploading videos of his fights with suspected cow smugglers on several social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

The vigilante, who goes under the name of Monu Manesar on social media, has been documenting his war against people suspected of smuggling cattle or beef in India for six years, according to reports by the Wall Street Journal and the Hindustan Times.