Shot Dead For Dancing - Pakistani Sisters Pay With Their Lives For Dancing in The Rain

Pakistani Sisters Shot Dead

In a ghastly incident two teenaged sisters were mercilessly shot dead only because they danced in the rain.The victims, Noor Basra and Noor Sheza aged 15 and 16 respectively were killed in cold blood after a clip showing them cavorting in the rain spread through the town causing outrage among its ultra-conservative residents.

50,000 Children Accused of Sorcery

Children Accused of Sorcery

A recent BBC documentary by Kevani Kanda shows that around 50,000 children accused of witchcraft are being held in churches all across Congo. In 'Branded a Witch', Kevani tries to uncover faith-based child abuse in Congo. The documentary shows children assaulted by a Church leader if they are believed to be possessed magical powers.

Australian Woman Gang-Raped & Jailed for Illicit Sex Under Sharia La

Alicia Gali

Alicia Gali was an Australian employee of hotel chain Starwood in the United Arab Emirates when she was subjected to a brutal attack. While using her laptop in the hotel bar, her drink was spiked and, while she was unconscious, Gali was raped by three of her colleagues. Gali woke up with multiple bruises and four broken ribs. At this point, she took herself to hospital and reported the crime herself.

Bangladesh Riots for Anti-Blasphemy Laws

Bangladeshi Hifazat-e Islam activists

The streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh's capital city, have been the home to uprisings during the past two months. Some Bengali people want justice for those playing a role in the war crime tribunals from the 1971 War of Independence. After the tribunal sentenced Delwar Hossain Sayedee, a Bangladeshi Islamist party leader, to death, people took to the streets, ensuing riots