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  • Since taking over Afghanistan in August 2021, the Taliban has struggled to gain recognition from the international community despite aggressively campaigning for it. But this situation may soon change as a top United Nations official discussed the possibility of recognizing the country’s Taliban authorities.

  • With many Iranians pushing back against the mandatory hijab laws implemented by the Islamic Republic, it seems the Islamic Republic will continue pushing women to wear hijabs, even after their death.

    The Iranian government forced a family in Kermanshah, west of Iran, to remove the picture of their deceased daughter from her tombstone because she was not wearing a hijab.

  • A lawsuit was filed against the State Department of the US government for discriminating against a guard when he was allegedly forced to shave his beard to keep his job at the agency.

  • A sweeping new report by the UK government’s faith adviser has been published, making it the most comprehensive review of the relationship between the British government and the country’s many religious organizations in more than a generation.

  • New violence against two ethnic groups sparked in the northeastern Indian state of Manipur, reportedly killing 54 people, displacing 23,000 more, and burning at least 25 churches, reigniting tensions that terrorized the state for decades.

  • A local Muslim religious leader was beaten to death by an angry mob in Pakistan after allegedly making “blasphemous” remarks during an opposition party rally, which came at a time when lynchings due to blasphemy allegations continue to rise in the country.

  • Controversial Kenyan pastor and cult leader Paul Makenzie is under investigation again, this time after authorities found hundreds of dead bodies in shallow graves dug at Shakahola Forest, near the coastal city of Malindi, on April 23rd.

  • Iranian authorities announced that two men accused of blasphemy were hanged amidst a rising number of executions since the protests that rocked the country following the death of Mahsa Amini under police custody in September 2022.


Despite the majority of population identifying themselves as religious people, there are instances of wrongdoing and injustice that take place in the world every day, and ironically, most of it is carried out in the name of religion. From homosexuals being persecuted to innocents being murdered, from women being subjugated to children being exploited, the list goes on endlessly. However, for several reasons, some that are obvious and some that are not, these tragic stories do not receive the kind of media coverage that they deserve.

That is why at Atheist Republic, an arduous team of bloggers, journalists and editors from across the world find stories related to atrocity, conflict, abuse and inequality and attempt to throw some light on these matters. Despite their core belief in atheism, the team focuses on issues that go far beyond the mere rejection of the existence of deities and archives stories that are for those people who refuse to live within their bubbles and care enough to learn the whole truth about the world at large.

Just because atheism does not find place very often in the media, that does not mean that there isn’t much that is taking place regarding the same. In fact, there is something worthwhile occurring every passing moment. If you are curious to know what is happening to atheists world over and what is being done by those who claim to be religious, Atheist Republic is the one place on the web that will share with you all the stories you need to know. In addition, you can also participate in discussions related to religion and politics on our website while keeping yourself updated with what fellow atheists have to say.