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  • Pope Francis

    Pope Francis really got religious people and atheists alike talking yesterday when he said that every person was redeemed through Jesus. This includes atheists. The pope said that atheists should be considered to be good people if their deeds are good.

  • Wolf Blitzer & Tornado Survivor

    Oklahoma tornado survivor Rebecca laughingly admitted to CNN host Wolf Blitzer "I'm actually an atheist" when asked if she thanked the Lord for the decision she made that allowed her and her 19 month old son, Anders to narrowly escape the devastating effects that left the home she shared with Anders and her husband totally destroyed.

  • Children Accused of Sorcery

    A recent BBC documentary by Kevani Kanda shows that around 50,000 children accused of witchcraft are being held in churches all across Congo. In 'Branded a Witch', Kevani tries to uncover faith-based child abuse in Congo. The documentary shows children assaulted by a Church leader if they are believed to be possessed magical powers.

  • Anti-Gay Activists

    Thousands of Orthodox Christian anti-gay activists managed to break through a police cordon and pursue gay rights advocates in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. At least 28 people were injured in the violent brawl, which took place on May 17, the International Day Against Homophobia.

  • Catholic Church - Philippines

    MANILA, Philippines -- Angered by a new law in the Philippines that would provide poor Filipinos easier birth control access, leaders of the Catholic Church threw their weight behind an effort to sway public sentiment just before the midterm elections on May 13 -- but they appear to have miscalculated their influence.

  • Canadian Organized Religion

    Two recent reports released by Statistics Canada show that figures gathered from the 2011 National Household Survey (NHS) indicate that despite Canada still being very much a predominantly Christian country, there is a definite growing trend away from organized religion, and projections indicate this trend is very likely to continue.

  • Women - Iran Election

    Women have been barred from competing in the upcoming Iranian presidential election, scheduled for June 14. The decision was passed down by Iran's Guardian Council, an organization responsible for interpreting the Iranian constitution as well as approving presidential candidates.

  • Twitter Users Condemned to Hell

    The Kingdom's concern about Twitter stems from the fact that the social media platform has been made use of to keep people informed of human rights activists on trial. Twitter has been used not only to post tweets about the protests that the Eastern Province witnessed recently, but also to upload images of the human rights activists when the trial was underway in the court.


Despite the majority of population identifying themselves as religious people, there are instances of wrongdoing and injustice that take place in the world every day, and ironically, most of it is carried out in the name of religion. From homosexuals being persecuted to innocents being murdered, from women being subjugated to children being exploited, the list goes on endlessly. However, for several reasons, some that are obvious and some that are not, these tragic stories do not receive the kind of media coverage that they deserve.

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