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Kentucky Republican Governor released a video on the October 4 encouraging students to bring their Bibles to school on Bring Your Bible to School Day.

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: I hear arguments from different people on Islamic countries and people who live in them. Some argue for different standards for different beliefs and groups. If not in an explicit manner, then the implicit understanding in the conversation amounts to different standards for different people.

According to Laughing in Disbelief, one atheist is bringing his own brand of atheism to the world of stand-up comedy.

According to Friendly Atheist, “Faithiest”, by Melanie Wilderman, has been transformed into a stage play.

by Scott Jacobsen

Camille Beredjick announced a new book earlier in 2018 entitled Queer Disbelief.

Pope Francis told Italian bishops, during a closed-door meeting with them, to reject potential priests if there is any sign they might be gay.

Denmark became latest European country to ban burqas and niqabs after parliament voted by 75 to 30, with 74 abstentions.

Free Speech

Public safety should trump the “rights” of others to use speech to incite violence either directly or indirectly.

Morgan Kuiper

An 11-year-old girl in Michigan was released from the hospital after God shot her in the shoulder, according to the girl’s parents.

by Z. Joseph Beal
Einstein and Jesus

Although humans seem predisposed towards religion, science is what consistently explains the universe.