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Blasphemy Laws Hurt Another Person—Support Free Speech on August 17th!!!

Vancouver, British Columbia Soheil Arabi was arrested six years ago by Iranian authorities for criticizing the prophet Muhammad. He was sentenced to death, and then his sentence was reduced to seven and a half years. Since then has been tortured regularly and was severely injured on April 29, 2019. His life is now in danger. Reports indicate that he is suffering from testicular swelling due to torture. His nose has been fractured, and it's difficult for him to breathe. He is also in experiencing problems with his heart. Atheist Republic has been informed that a few days ago Soheil's mother, Farangis Mazlum, was also arrested.

People are rallying in cities all over the world to free Soheil and to protest blasphemy laws. Join the Atheist Republic in front of the Iranian Embassy in your city between 6-8 pm on August 17, 2019. Cities without an Iranian embassy, please visit for more information.

Soheil is not just an activist. He is a loving father and husband. He and his family are giving their lives and his health for freedom. "This is not just about saving the life and health of one person. There will continue to be more 'Soheils' if we do not act against these blasphemy laws," said Mark W. Gura, PR director for the Atheist Republic.

"This is a human rights issue, a free speech issue. Religions do not have rights. People are entitled to rights. It's time we support people when they speak their conscience. If governments stayed out of religion, it would be just fine. This would allow people their freedom."

"Islamic opinions are protected. Christian opinions are protected. Jewish and Hindu opinions are protected. But blasphemers are alone. It's time for us to stand for each other. It's time to say you're not alone," said Armin Navabi, founder of Atheist Republic.

The Atheist Republic will be rallying in the following cities from 6-8 pm on August 17, 2019. Find or start rallies near you at

Amsterdam, Netherlands;

London, England;

Stockholm, Sweden;

Antwerp, Belgium;

Madison, WI;

Toronto, Canada;

Berlin, Germany;

Malmo, Sweden;

Vancouver, Canada;

Frankfurt, Germany;

Melbourne, Australia;

Victoria, Canada;

Gothenburg Sweden;

Mumbai, India;

Vienna, Austria;

Izmir, Turkey;

New Delhi, India;

Warsaw, Poland;

Jaipur, India;

Ottawa, Canada


Kampala, Uganda;

Paris, France;


Kolkata, India;

Rome, Italy;


Krakow, Poland;

Soczewka, Poland;