Top 10 Countries With Highest Population of Atheists (2012)

Countries A Religious Person Not a Religious Person A Convinced Atheist Don't Know / No Response
China 14% 30% 47% 9%
Japan 16% 31% 31% 23%
Czech Republic 20% 48% 30% 2%
France 37% 34% 29% 1%
Korea, Rep (South) 52% 31% 15% 2%
Germany 51% 33% 15% 1%
Netherlands 43% 42% 14% 2%
Austria 42% 43% 10% 5%
Iceland 57% 31% 10% 2%
Australia 37% 48% 10% 5%
Ireland 47% 44% 10% 0%

(11 countries because of 4 tying in at 10%)

Source: WIN-Gallup International

SammyShazaam's picture
This list has a few surprises

This list has a few surprises on it, at least for me. I can see China and Japan sharing the top slots, but I never would have guessed that the Czech Republic would come in 3rd! And I am surprised that America doesn't even make the list, while Ireland does... eye opening.

AnimalLeader's picture
It's just amazing how the

It's just amazing how the most developed countries are the ones that have drifted away from religion. Is this not enough proof that religions are just a transition and a stage of evolution in the human mind? I really think it is.

Thatshow's picture
Proud of The Netherlands to

Proud of The Netherlands to make the list, too bad only 14% is A convinced Atheist.

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