Top 10 Countries Experiencing Decline In Religiosity (2005 - 2012)

Country 2005 2012 % point change in Religiosity
Global Average 77% 68% -9%
Vietnam 53% 30% -23%
Switzerland 71% 50% -21%
France 58% 37% -21%
South Africa 83% 64% -19%
Iceland 74% 57% -17%
Ecuador 85% 70% -15%
United States 73% 60% -13%
Canada 58% 46% -12%
Austria 52% 42% -10%
Germany 60% 51% -9%

Source: WIN-Gallup International

SammyShazaam's picture
These are all very developed

These are all very developed nations. I wonder what's causing these sharp declines? Of course, I could think of several contributing factors for the last decade or two, but nothing comes to mind that would make it spike so much in this year specifically.

AnimalLeader's picture
This is being caused by the

This is being caused by the fact that they are transitioning into the level of northern european countries that already reached that freedom of thought decades ago.

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