Top 10 Countries With Highest Population of Religious People (2012)

Countries A Religious Person Not a Religious Persons A Convinced Atheist Don't Know / No Response
Ghana 96% 2% 0% 1%
Nigeria 93% 4% 1% 2%
Armenia 92% 3% 2% 2%
Fiji 92% 5% 1% 2%
Macedonia 90% 8% 1% 1%
Romania 89% 6% 1% 3%
Iraq 88% 9% 0% 3%
Kenya 88% 9% 2% 1%
Peru 86% 8% 3% 3%
Brazil 85% 13% 1% 1%

Source: WIN-Gallup International

SammyShazaam's picture
I wonder how much the

I wonder how much the political climate effects these numbers. In the forums, it was mentioned that some nations actually enforce certain religious beliefs. Is this the case in Ghana or Nigeria? I can't imagine a country that large has absolutely 0% Atheists!

Interestingly, countries that I thought would try to enforce religion / suppress atheism have a higher rate of the diplomatic "no response" answer.

AnimalLeader's picture
In contrast to the atheist

In contrast to the atheist list, this one is completely made of third world countries and very strict levels of indoctrination. The proof is just too undeniable to try to look the other way. Religion is a burden not a blessing.

Boogie13's picture
The charts are not very

The charts are not very useful. I can speak about Romania and these 89% represent just a sample of 1050 out of 20 million citizens. I will generalize a bit give some personal statistics that religious people of Romania are mostly the women that are over 40 years old and older. As i can deduce, the stress from their work, economical hard times and various social/family problems made them to turn to church as they too incompetent to pull themself together and repair their lives, they turn for the church, 'cause god will save them as long the keep going and they keep paying.

As for the men over 40 years old, they can simply go for "Not a religious person". You don't see men at churches. Few poor souls that have been dragged there by their wifes. Men don't go to church by their own. The feelings are the same as if you say to him to put on some make-up and wear a dress. I'm proud of that, but they still say they are religious because it became a normal and right thing to say, but they aren't! A man doesn't see what can possible the church do for him, they treat everything like some idiotic gibberish. The act like some atheist, they have a lot of the thoughts and attitude towards religion as the atheists do, but they are declared belivers, they are in that 89%, simply because their mothers (another old lady) told then this is right. Not religious and with an undeclared attitude of "fuck this shit", yes! A lot of them. I will say about 80-90% of the male population.

Politics, Mafia & Religion? Welcome to their heaven. That old religious population is in great numbers and still alive (sadly) and our younger ones are mostly gone to Italy, Spain, Germany, UK and so on. Old men are religious, they like the church and they like a leader that likes the church too. The parliament or other higher powers never took a clear position about religion, officially. The never give a clear answer about when the church will be taxed, they just offered some left over 2.3 millions to the church since they didn't know what to do with them (*hospitals, schools, homes, food, investments - useless stuff*) and they ally with the church in their campaigns as the church had 16 billions euros as earnings last year. Mayors donate huge amounts for they local churches, some mayors go campaigning along side the priests, some priests go into politics and some of them are good friends with their local mafia and receive immunity against the laws.

In the end, i'm pround to say that my generation and simply the ones born afther 1985 are becoming more and more atheist. You need a cultural base, to know how to use your logic and brain to become one and with our school system, is not a national phenomen but we slowly gather more and more. I will say that in 20-40 years the situation will change greatly.

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