How Do Atheists Tell Right From Wrong - Stories from our Community

How can you be moral without a belief in God? Share your views and we might add it to the website. Here are some opinions from other atheists.

Being brought up religious meant that, either intentionally or unintentionally, I was taught that doing the right thing made god like you more. This meant that if you did good things he would reward you.

I think at its base, morality is biological.  After all if members of a species kill each other off, the odds of that species lasting for a significant amount of time is low, so in my opinion, many "moral" behaviors are more rightly called "biologic" or "evolutionarily advantageous" behaviors and

I have never had a problem about sexual morality. I have been an Atheist since childhood. I still don’t understand why Christians have to have 10 Commandments to keep them on the ‘straight and narrow’. For me any normal person instinctively knows what is right and wrong.

I grew up in a Christian fundamentalists household. My father ruled his house with the bible in one hand and his fist in the other.  I was taught sex before marriage was a sin. Lust was a sin. And of course masturbation. And I had humongous urges to have sex.

Any crime can be committed by religious and non-religious people alike, it doesn't fancy any specific type of person. A non-religious person can plead innocence and claim a psychiatric illness caused him/her to commit that terrible crime.