How Do Atheists Tell Right From Wrong - Stories from our Community

How can you be moral without a belief in God? Share your views and we might add it to the website. Here are some opinions from other atheists.

I somehow came to the realization at a very early age that the only "sin" one can commit is an action that infringes on the freedom, happiness or well-being of another.  Some think that this reasoning allows one to harm (kill, abuse drugs or alcohol, or engage in other risky behaviors) oneself if

I think that making decisions for this world knowing that our one life depends on those decisions creates better morals than making decisions to please a god. Those of us excepting that we only have one life to live want to make it the best life possible.

I believe that the root of morality is kind of subjective, and kind of universal. Whatever favors a community goes.

After many years as a devout Christian, I have come to a place where doubt has become my best friend. The moral values I learned as a child were pounded into me at the Catholic School I attended from Grade 1 through 8.

Having grown up in a faithless family, beside my mother being a Catholic and making me go to church as a little girl and praying to some higher god who was invisible all the time, I never developed an inkling to sway to religion.