Sex is not a sacred thing that should be kept within a marriage

Having grown up in a faithless family, beside my mother being a Catholic and making me go to church as a little girl and praying to some higher god who was invisible all the time, I never developed an inkling to sway to religion. My mum would try to get me to go to church every Sunday, but I never developed a weakness to change sides. As a little girl, I wasn't taught morals or ethics, for me it was strange because I somehow taught myself to be all those things like being overly well-mannered, well-behaved, attentive to school, never rebellious, show kindness and consideration for others, help out others when I could, and being...nice. Even going through high-school, I wasn't sexually active, I never partied, I never drunk alcohol ever, I never smoked or taken a single drug in my life, simply because I despised those things and they never interested me. I had other interests and hobbies that I wanted to pursue.

Now, being a fully fledged atheist, I see sex as a function of humanity, a biological instinct, an evolutionary process to carry on the next generation of life.

I can confidently say that religion had absolutely NO part in shaping my moral and ethical ground earlier on, it had no influence in my decisions in life and did not make me a better person. I self-consciously knew the rights and wrong of actions and thoughts.

I really believe religion likes to persuade and chocolate coat people in claiming they have answers to everything, that people will take on new perceptions of life, that it is the way of life and good morals and ethics can be found within it. It really, really doesn't. Telling people how to think, feel, see is robbing them of being able to be better people. Sex is not a sacred thing that should be kept within a marriage between a man and woman, it depends on the couple or individuals, and is apart of our animal functions.

Humanity can, and will always be considered to be primitive if they continually hang onto their past faiths and their histories. Humans can exist very well without deities or angry, vengeful, racist/sexist gods bearing down on us every single day. Humanity is primitive when they're deluded when being told this is not right, this is sin blah blah blah when really all of that stuff originates from faith itself...., evolution and progress of change comes from teaching our children good morals and ethics that you don't hit people, be violent or aggressive, take illicit drugs, rape women or children, abuse them sexually in any nature, steal from the poor, scam innocent people for money, being racist for no reason etc etc. Its all one endless, violent cycle that will continue to go on.

Religion wouldn't know what good morals or ethics are if it slapped them across its face. Its history is the only example and their followers have painted a very ugly painting of their past manifesting of all the criminal things that are condemned by the secular societies. They have portrayed what they were claiming to be (all good, giving and law abiding) very poorly.

- Ange Pange

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