Creative Expression

Creative Expression provides an opportunity for atheists to share short fiction, poetry and visual art that communicates interests, values and concerns of atheists to inspire and validate the global community. Contact us here if you would like to contribute to this section, no commitment required.

Written by Samuel Thomas
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Life is trial and error, a temporary journey that tests the waters of our heart and soul. There are things that make you truly unique that cannot and will not change.

Written by B F Moloney
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Upon circumcision  The father threw his foreskin  Into a freezing salty lake In the hope that his progeny’s promiscuity Like father like son Will bring contraception, And no pox To scar a conquering past.

Written by Robin Davies
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All Atheists acknowledge the true concept of the divine. The emotional nature of divine is our shared history and lives.

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The Enemy it is said sees things as they are to Him, and Demons try to get their charges to see things as they should be for them. The battle for clear sight is a mental confabulation that is summarised in the word belief. The great thing for the Enemy and for Demons is their complicity when it comes to belief.

Written by Vedant Vohra
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They told me that in everything alive There was a part of you, That in times of darkness, You would hold my hand And guide me through.

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If there is will there is also the mind. There can be no object of the mind without thought. The things that God created existed in God prior to their creation; that is, existed in Him as the objects of his creativity, pure of will, without a mind. Can this be?