Stephen Batchelor: The Existence of Metaphysical Realities

Existence of Metaphysical Reality

"What is it that makes a person insist passionately on the existence of metaphysical realities that can be neither demonstrated nor refuted?"

- Stephen Batchelor

Quote Source: Confession of a Buddhist Atheist

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I guess it would have to be

I guess it would have to be faith but it doesn't really make sense that that people have faith in such things.

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I hear these kinds of

I hear these kinds of senseless arguments all the time when drinking, where two people will scream at each other all night about something that neither one will ever get up off their ass to prove.

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Are you ever party to these

Are you ever party to these drunken arguments? I know I am!

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The metaphysical field is

The metaphysical field is interesting because I've never been around it much. I've been around Christianity, Catholicism, but never heard much about chakras and related topics. I went to a few metaphysical gigs but it was difficult for me to take it seriously. Nice people but very convinced their methods are the right way despite not discussing it in a realistic manner.

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I know of a least one person

I know of a least one person who lives maybe an hour or two outside Vegas who can from three feet away let you feel her energy and without a doubt make you have to believe there is something to whatever it is she does. She is a third degree Reiki Master and not like many who claim to be and I feel are just trying to collect a check. I think the mind is an incredible thing and if exercised with strong enough will and belief one can accomplish things with it that are yet to be explained and can be seen as artificial, staged or magical by others. When people are confronted with things they can't explain, they tend to get spiritual or mystical about it.

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